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Life is a game that not everyone knows how to play. It is hidden from the eyes of the average and can only be seen by the extraordinary. Plasma was one of these people, but even different. Everyone knew him as a hacker, the best hacker to ever set upon planet earth. He had done marvelous deeds and revolutionized computing. His childhood was unknown and everything about him was a mystery. The only person who he had ever worked with him was Bruce, who got arrested in one of Plasma's mission. Of course, the police did try various methods of reading his mind, but it was useless. They think he was hypnotized for they did a brain scan and didn't find a chip.
The Quantum Teleporter, otherwise QT, was a machine that was invented by Dr. Phil. The QT was a device able to transport matter, by disassembling every atom, and then reassembling it to the desired location that was set. The QT was complete after 10 long years of research and development.
“Mr. Selvig. Thanks a lot for arriving so quickly,” Dr. Phil said. “ It would be great if you and your FBI team could guard the QT.”
“Yes, Dr. Phil,” Selvig said. “So this here is the room where the QT is located, correct?,” he said pointing to a room which was locked and had a wall made of glass.
“Okay, then. I'll call the team in.”
“Selvig! Where is the QT?” Dr. Phil yelled.
Selvig, with a startled faced, turned around and saw that the room was empty.
“Dr. Phil, I have no idea what happened. My team came here today.” Selvig paused, and then said, “This room does have security cameras. Maybe we can see what happened,”
As they were watching the footage, it suddenly stopped and the screen went blank.
“What happened?, Dr. Phil asked.
“It seems ...

... middle of paper ...

...le earlier then this whole scenario would be different. The reason why I did, what I did is I was simulating the game of life, meaning I was testing your abilities to comprehend, but yes you are right. I want to be a free man and achieve the title of a god. Don't worry Bruce. We are going to meet again, and maybe one day you'll see my real face.”
Saying this Plasma removed the mirror, and set his desired location on the QT. He stepped on the platform, and after a few seconds there was a loud bang, and Plasma was no where to be seen. Soon cops began to arrive, leaded by the real Selvig. Bruce didn't argue or fight. He was simply expressionless.
“Greetings Bruce,” said the same dark whispery voice of Plasma.
“So thats how you look Plasma,” Bruce responded in his cell.
“Yes. Its time for you to get out of here. I need you for something more important.”

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