Game Is A Popular Culture Around The World Essay

Game Is A Popular Culture Around The World Essay

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Game is a popular culture around the world. I doubt no one can say they never played a single game in life. Nowadays, great number of people, without the age difference, plays games on their computer, phone, and television. With the highly developed technology, more people have access to play games. Myriad types of games are offered such as adventure, arcades, sports, educational, puzzles, and more. One of the most popular current games is the “League of Legends”. The name itself is an organization that is created to deal with the political conflicts that is occurring in Valoran. On the surface, the game seems good because people form an organization and fight to resolve problems. However, the game has a problem, which is its violence. People kill each other and conquer others’ territory in the game. The “League of Legends” is not the only game that is violent. There are many other games like “StarCraft” that involves violence. Many people view the violence in game makes people to be more aggressive and violent. Some have hard time distinguishing between reality and online. This makes people to murder others in the real life. Characters are not them but many game players have hard time separating them with their online characters because so many people spend so much time playing games due to addiction. Parents are especially concerned with their children playing games that are violent and have sexual images. The violence of games is an ongoing problem around the universe.
“Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescent: Theory, Research, and Public Policy” says “violent crimes have been linked by the news media to violent games, including a violent crime spree in Oakland California” (3) and the author goes on and on about...

... middle of paper ...

... Us More Aggressive”. For example, “the more long-term gamers were more likely to fantasize about hitting someone they didn’t like”. This is a paradigm that shows how video games with mature content make people to become more hostile and aggressive. Finally, Douglas Gentile further deals with the impact of video games on children and also adults in his “Media Violence and Children”. In the chapter 6, he discusses how “television viewing is related to the occurrence of anxiety and other negative affective states”. Television and Video games are deeply related and similar aftermath results came out when he compared the impact of watching television and video games.
In my argumentative paper, I want to bring up the issue of video games and how it affects on people’s characteristics and behaviors. There are many articles, researches, and books about this ongoing issue.

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