Essay about Gambling Is A National Pastime

Essay about Gambling Is A National Pastime

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Gambling is a National Pastime
Gambling has existed for centuries, entertaining and creating opportunities to win big for millions despite their social class. The lottery since colonial times has been used both for entertainment and public needs and its forms vary greatly from simple competition to large scale events. The state’s economy profits from both the tax revenue and the boost to the local economies through the gaming industry. Tourism profits largely from the gambling industry, especially in areas known for their casinos. The gambling industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs ranging from the casinos themselves to the surrounding communities. Although most gamble for entertainment, gambling can quickly turn into an addiction. The lottery is often called a regressive tax. Gambling and the prevalence of the lottery have a substantial history dating back to the formation of this country; the effects of the gaming industry on the economy, tourism, and employment make gambling a national pastime with no equals.
The use of the lottery dates back to colonial times where they were used to finance a number of public and private projects. The use of lotteries varied greatly such as road projects, the construction of major institutions such as Harvard and Yale, as well as colleges closer to home such as William and Mary. Even the settlement at Jamestown was funded in part by a lottery. Mostly, gambling was card games, horse racing, cockfights, and lotteries. Native Americans had their own gambling on games, tests of skill, and foot traces. The Native Americans often gambled their possessions away and even their freedom (Baker). Gambling over the results of sporting events and daily activities alike were commonplace. Card pl...

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...ates use a portion of the proceeds to fund counseling of gambling addiction.
There is a frequent argument against lottery and gambling by calling it a regressive tax. The premise being the cost to play is higher when compared by income and is therefore unfair to those who have lower annual incomes. The same premise can be used for many other products like milk and eggs. This is an overly simplified example. While playing the lottery is a voluntary choice, responsible game play is important financial choice also. The education of the public is key to reinforce good financial stewardship (Medenica).
The industry of gambling in the United States has wide reaching effects, including those on the economy, tourism, and employment as well as negative effects including addiction and social concerns. No other industry touches all aspects of the country like that of gambling.

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