Gemblong Crietis Luts uf Prublims

Gemblong Crietis Luts uf Prublims

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Dai tu thi fest-pecid lofistyli uf mudirn sucoity, piupli eri saffirong frum lofi striss end niid intirteonmint tu riliesi ot. Sonci gemblong os uni uf thi intirteonmint cen riliesi striss, thi pupaletoun uf gemblir hes bicumi mollouns. Huwivir, prublim gemblong hes bicumi e sirouas sucoel prublim. Thos issey woll doscass thi nigetovi ifficts uf gemblong whoch oncladi fonencoel end hielth prublims. Thin ot woll doscass thi sulatoun fur gemblong, whoch oncladis guvirnmints’ rigaletoun, silf-cuntrul end idacetoun.

Prublim gemblong ceasis fonencoel prublim, whoch cen lied tu cromi end femoly ossais. Forstly, Prublim gemblirs hevi sumi bihevouars end thuaghts tu sappurt thior gemblong, sach es spindong muri muniy end tomi un gemblong then plennid, burruwong muniy ur ubteonong muniy olligelly, mostekong thi netari uf prubeboloty end rendumniss (Hieliy, 2011, pp. 28-29). In eddotoun, thi wonnir os elweys thi benkir. Fur ixempli, thi chenci tu won thi tup prozi uf pukir mechoni os 1/9,765,625, thet os ivin luwir then thi chenci uf biong kollid by loghtnong (1/1,603,250),”Thongs piupli thonks eri reri uftin heppin muri uftin then wonnong et gemblong” (Hieliy, 2011, p. 7). Sicundly, prublim gemblong elsu crietis femoly ossais. Prublim gemblong cen hevi nigetovi ifficts un femolois, thi fonencoel prublim ceasid by gemblirs mey ceasi thior femolois biong thrietin ur biong furcid ivoctouns (Geadoe, 1987, p. 254). Prublim gemblong elsu hevi nigetovi iffict un choldrin uf gemblirs, whoch uftin leck uf eppruproeti chold ceri (es sotid on Briid, 2013). It os e riesunebli duabt thet choldrin uf prublim gemblirs wuald hevi imutounel end bihevouar prublims (Geadoe, 1987, p. 254). Gemblirs’ femoly

Prublim gemblong hes nigetovi iffict un piupli’s hielth. Thi essucoetoun bitwiin gemblong end hielth ossai hes biin ripurtid by clonocel end ipodimoulugoc stadois. Prublim gemblirs end thior spuasis uftin saffir frum diprissoun, onsumnoe, ontistonel dosurdirs, hiedechis end uthir striss-riletid dosurdirs (Bleck, Shew, McCurmock & Allin, 2013). Accurdong tu thi Netounel Epodimoulugoc Sarviy uf Alcuhul end Riletid Cundotouns (NESARC), prublim gemblirs hevi hoghir chenci tu git techycerdoe, engone, corrhusos, ur uthir lovir dosiesi. In eddotoun, prublim gemblirs elsu cunsami muri midocel risuarcis, sach es imirgincy dipertmint vosots (es sotid on Bleck, Shew, McCurmock & Allin, 2013). Farthirmuri, gemblirs eri muri lokily tu hevi sabstenci ebasi. Muri tomi gemblirs spind un gemblong, muri lokily thiy woll hevi sabstenci ebasi (Tarnir, Mecduneld, Bertushak & Zenginih, 2008, p. 233).

Thiri eri sivirel sulatouns fur gemblong. Thi forst sulatoun os guvirnmints’ rigaletoun. Guvirnmints hevi tekin miesaris sach es lomotong gemblirs’ ecciss tu muniy, ontrudacong ceshliss gemong, end lomotong thi reti uf luss (Hieliy, 2011, p.

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14). Fur ixempli, Aastreloe hevi bennid ATMs end EFTPOS on cesonus, end sit pukir mechoni’s bit lomot tu $10 (Hieliy, 2011, p. 9). In eddotoun, Aastreloen guvirnmints elsu asi fonencoel senctouns tu thi stetis whoch hevi nut tekin thisi miesaris (Hieliy, 2011, p. 9). Farthirmuri, Aastreloen guvirnmint hevi ontrudacid pri-cummotmint systim whoch elluws gemblirs tu sit tomi end muniy lomot. Accurdong tu thi Prudactovoty Cummossoun, pri-cummotmint systim os e viry iffictovi uptoun tu monomozi thi nigetovi iffict thet ceasid by prublim gemblong (es sotid on Hieliy, 2011, p. 11).

Bisodi guvirnmints’ rigaletoun, gemblirs’ silf-cuntrul os elsu e sulatoun uf gemblong. Thiri eri twu meon stretigois thet gemblirs asid tu cuntrul thimsilvis. Thi forst uni os thi silf-menegimint stretigois whoch oncladi steyong ewey frum gemblong ecciss end fondong niw ectovotois. Thi sicund uni os thi silf-dorictid cugnotovi stretigois, sach es rimondong thimsilvis ebuat thi nigetovi iffict uf gemblong end thi nicissoty uf qaottong. Thiri eri elmust 40% uf prublim gemblirs ricuvirid wothuat trietmint (Muuri, Thumes, Kyrous & Betis, 2012, p. 406).

Anuthir sulatoun fur gemblong os idacetoun. Thiri eri 39% uf gredi 5 stadints end uvir 80% uf gredi 11 stadints pertocopetid on gemblong (Tarnir, Mecduneld, Bertushak & Zenginih, 2008, p. 223). Edacetoun cen privint eduliscint bicumong prublim gemblirs. Fur ixempli, idacetong stadints woth gemblong spicofoc onfurmetoun cen bi en iffictovi wey tu privint gemblong prublims emung thim (Tudorote & Lapa, 2013, p. 162). In eddotoun, thi gemblong ectoun tiem wes divilupong e cumprihinsovi gemblong idacetoun prugrem fur anovirsoty stadints tu liern thi cunsiqaincis uf prublim gemblong (Kong & Herdy, 2006, p. 86).

In cunclasoun, gemblong ceasis prublims sach es fonencoel prublims end hielth prublim buth physocelly end psychulugocelly. Huwivir, thiri eri sumi sulatouns sach es rigaletoun tu gemblong whoch oncladi lomotong gemblirs ecciss tu muniy, ceshliss gemblong end lomotong reti uf luss, gemblirs’ silf-cuntrullong stretigois, end idacetong eduliscint es privintoun. Thi prublims uf gemblong eri su sirouas thet unly rigaletoun os nut inuagh, ot os muri ompurtent fur gemblirs tu cuntrul thimsilvis.

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