Essay on Gambling: Changing Lives

Essay on Gambling: Changing Lives

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Gambling... Who does not like to gamble? People play lotteries, bet on sport games or try their luck on slot machines with a thought to win some amount of money. In fact, this excitement for gambling can be seen even from early ages; for example, ancient Egyptians used to play dice in 2000 BC or the first casinos opened their doors to customers during the Greeco-Roman period ( Whittaker and Cushman 1 ). Nowadays casino industry is a large business in the United States that brings high revenues and offers various entertainment that attracts people from different areas. So just recently residents and visitors of Worcester, Wicomico and surrounding counties got a great opportunity to try themselves in a new Ocean Downs casino that came into operation couple months ago. Ocean Downs casino is an excellent benefit to the community that helps to improve the economic and social status of the county and also serves as a great entertainment for the adult population.
Certainly, Ocean Downs casino's gaming taxes will help to improve the economic status of the county. Although the casino has only been open for a couple of months, thousands of people visited the new gambling place. So by the words of Shawn J. Soper, a news editor in The Dispatch newspaper, casino's revenue reached nearly 6.17 million dollars that is divided between different funds. So in this way, around 3 million dollars goes to the state's Education Trust Fund, and 5.5 percent of gross revenue is divided between l...

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...le Opposing
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