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After conducting an interview I came up with a few methods that can be used to aid helpless people like Abe with their compulsive gambling disorder. These scenarios are made to enlighten peoples perception of gambling and teach people that too much of anything isn’t good for you. They will show how others have attempted to reach an unattainable victory. Let’s take the poker machine for instance, it has an innocent appearance, but in reality it is as cunning and mischievous as the devil. The bright glowing lights and the compelling ring tone of victory makes helpless bystanders believe that it’s just a fun game.
I have came up with a proposal to help all the people who are new and don’t know much about the poker machine to be aware of a monster. This applies to all male truck drivers’ that come to Motown Truck stop. I will make a hand guide that shows all the flaws dealing with the devious poker machine. For example I would put specific details such as, victims that have been corrupted by the poker machine, and tell their life story and exactly how this horrific monster has ruined their lives. The first thing I have to do is give the poker machine a new name, let’s say, the Money Eating Machine. The Money Eating Machine is the crack cocaine of gambling and once you start there is no way to stop. It has the same side effects of being addicted to drugs or being an alcoholic. My pamphlet lists specific facts about the poker machine such as the winning percentages.
The winning percentage is programmed by the owner of the poker machine and is usually set at about 20% which very low. This means for every dollar that is put into the machine about 80% of it is defiantly going to be lost. This fact alone would make me think twice about inserting my money into the machine. There is always something called beginners luck, and this is when someone just happens to get lucky and hit the jackpot. The bonus is set anywhere between 100 to 500 dollars and, also attracts people to play the machine. I believe that every person should at least know this much about the odds of winning percentage before playing.

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Another important fact that those who view my pamphlet should know, are the different ways customers are deceived.
After being employed at the truck stop for almost three years I know more about the poker machines then the average Joe. My boss owns three poker machines and he is aware that most truck driver’s hangout at the station on the weekends. As the weekend rolls by my boss sets the winning percentage of one of the machines to about 85%. After raising the odds of winning, he assigns his accomplice to the programmed machine. While this person starts winning money all the truckers gather around and watch in admiration. Watching with unbearable anxiety a brave soul attempts to reenact what’s happening on the other machine. This reminds me of a fish biting the bait on a hook. You might think that this is wrong, but some people will do anything for money. Now I am pretty sure that most owners of these machines do the same, so sharing this valuable source of information would keep innocent people away from the Money Eating Machine. Posting the amount of money people lose as opposed to money won is another way I can assist people from being robbed their hard earned money.
Every gambler that I have spoken to just tells me about how much money they win and on no account do they discus what was lost. So I think posting up the loser’s board will scare everyone away from the poker machine. The reason men don’t share the amount of money lost is because their afraid to come to reality with their problems. Men don’t like to show any signs of weakness, for example when a guy tells me he won 200 dollars, but he put 800 dollars in the poker machine. If I put him on the wall of shame he wont throw away 600 dollars every again. I can put a list of all sorts of different things people could do with their money instead of gambling it away. You could have taken your family out to dinner with that $150, but it’s too late now, maybe next time. You could have gone on vacation to Disney World with your family with the $2,000 you just lost, but it’s too late now. The list goes on with different useful materials the money could have been spent on, like paying a car payment, phone bill, or any type of living expense. There are poor people living on the streets that could have used the money as well. Winning on the other hand could be a fortunate possibility.
Another Idea might be to allow all truck drivers to test out the poker machine and let fait decide their destiny. This will teach truck drivers first hand experience with the poker machine, and let them decide if the Money Eating Machine is a good guy. Winning could be a possibility if you attempt to play on the poker machine. It might work out for the best if you do win a few hundred dollars. The only way a person can stay a winner is by retiring right after. The main problem with winning is the urge to go back and try to win again, but gambling never has a happy ending. When you attempt to play again you will lose everything you won plus some. Therefore, I have come up with another proposal to take down the Money Eating Machine, and that’s to make playing for amusement only.
Maybe by passing a law that makes poker machines just for amusement, all the players will not be interested in gambling any more. This would limit the amount of money people will spend on the poker machine because there is no motive to play. The main reason truck driver’s play is to have fun and make money. If a gambler is not given the opportunity to risk his money, then he will not attempt to play on the poker machine. This law is prone to cause a lot of controversy, but it should be passed to help gamblers with their problems.
Perhaps there is no solution to help protect gamblers form the horrific Money Eating Machine, but maybe the Money Eating Machine is a good thing. Until someone can come up with any better Ideas, these proposals might be the only logical resolutions to compulsive gambling. You might agree or disagree on this matter, but until you come up with a verdict, the ball is on your court.
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