Galileo's Discoveries of How Things Work Essay

Galileo's Discoveries of How Things Work Essay

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Have you ever thought about the different types of resources or laws that explain and define the marvels of the world? All the things that explain and describe the way things work didn’t just come out of thin air, someone; somewhere thought these laws through, they experimented and worked hard just to make sure that they came to correct conclusions. With many obstacles put in his way Italian philosopher Galileo Gallilei, still managed to work out a great amount of laws that defined and explained how things work. He took other peoples laws and looked them over, he faced family challenges and hardships with the church, but none of the conditions he put him to the test were able to stop him from accomplishing all the things he st himself to do throughout his life time. Galileo is now known as the father of modern astronomy.
Galileo Di Vincenzo Bonaiut De’ Gallilei was born February 15th, 1564 in Pisa, Italy. He was the son of Vincenzo Gallilei and Giulia Ammannati. His father Vincenzo was born in Florence, Italy in 1520 and his mother was born in Pescia. He came from a noble family but was not rich. He was the first of six children. Only three of his siblings survived infancy. His siblings were Michelagnolo, Benedetto, Virginia, and Livia, the name of his last sister is unknown. In 1572 when Galileo was only eight years old his family moved to Florence, Italy. Galileo stayed behind in Pisa and lived with a relative of his mother. Two years later he moved to Florence to join his family. As a young boy Galileo was tutored by Jacopo Borghini until he was old enough to attend a real school. When he was finally old enough he began attending school at Camaldolse Monastery in Vallambrosa which was about thirty five kilometers southwest o...

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...nce every week while he was under house arrest. While under house arrest a French translation of his work on forces & their effects was published. During his sentence of house arrest he became completely blind and he was able to go to Florence every so often to seek medical help.
In 1635 his dialogue was published in Holland. He also wrote a new book with the name two new sciences. This book explained and summarized pretty much all the studies he worked on throughout the course of life. By the time his book was finally published he was already blind and ill. Galileo Gallilei died January 8th, 1642 at the age of seventy six after suffering from a fever and mild heart palpitations. After the death of Galileo, the ban on works that supported Copernicans system was lifted. From this day on Galileo will be remembered and known as the Father of Modern Astronomy.

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