Galileo 's Reasoning For Revealing The Truth And The Roles Of The Bible Essay

Galileo 's Reasoning For Revealing The Truth And The Roles Of The Bible Essay

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Galileo’s reasoning for revealing the truth and the roles of the Bible. Galileo knew that he had discovered a unique fact that the Earth traveled around the Sun. This fact was contrary to the belief of the Holy Catholic Church, which mandated geocentrism rather than heliocentrism. This is the belief that everything revolves around the Earth not the Sun. The Church had already been ridiculed earlier after the discovery that the Earth was a sphere. In order to prove his findings without being accused or declared heretical. Galileo wrote to the Grand Duchess Christina for support in a letter. In order to prove his theory he had to figure out a way to separate the teaching of the Catholic Church and science without offending the Church. Galileo presented a number of ideas one of them being that the content of The Bible not be taken literally but metaphorically, or that common man were not educated enough to understand the text. This quote from the letter explains his idea and reasoning. “I think in the first place that it is very pious to say and prudent to affirm that the holy Bible can never speak untruth-whenever it’s true meaning is understood. This reasoning is what Galileo uses as his defense.” (Galileo, 1615) The idea is that the Bible cannot be interpreted by the common man, and that the versus should not be taken literally without first being interpreted by others. Galileo goes further into this argument by explaining that the writers of the scripture had the knowledge to understand that the more important fact was to teach man how to acquire salvation rather than understand the universe. This paraphrased quote mentions and shows again the importance of salvation over knowledge. “Now the Bible, merely to condescend to popular...

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... at the time and his letter just added to the debate. Galileo’s argument that God would not have made us so intelligent just so that our intelligence could just be wasted. Furthermore he was not trying to discredit or disagree with the Bible. Galileo was trying to point out the fact that those who disagreed with him were interpreting it wrong and could not understand the Bible text correctly. Galileo’s reasoning for using the Bible to reveal certain truths was an attempt to lay the basis for his discovery. People had to understand that the Earth was not the center of the universe which was contrary to what the Church interpreted from scripture. In order for his theory to be proved he had to convince people that the text was not written literally, but symbolically and unfortunately due to his excitement he rushed his findings and created more skeptics than believers.

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