Essay on Galapagos Islands Are Stunning And Beautiful Set Of Islands

Essay on Galapagos Islands Are Stunning And Beautiful Set Of Islands

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The Galapagos Islands are astonishing and beautiful set of islands. Wild life is incredibly diverse among each of the islands, nowhere else could this be found on the planet earth. The Galapagos Island are a dream and haven to tourist and researchers everywhere. The Galapagos Island gave British scientist Charles Darwin the opportunity to create his theory of evolution. The variety of life can be found on water,land and aerial and some of these animals have not changed since prehistoric times because there was no disruption by humans . Today I will be discussing my opinions, viewpoints and facts on The Galapagos Islands movie we watched in class. I am also going to discuss The origin of the The Galapagos Islands, The variety in species especially within mainland and marine and neighboring islands. The importances of The Galapagos Islands and their roles in the development of biological evolution and finally the impact of humans have on the island and what we can do to protect and preserve this area of unique wildlife.
The Galapagos Islands are located about 600 miles west of the Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands were discovered in March 10,1535 ,but humans didn 't actually live there till the mid 1800s because of harsh terrain and climate. Fray Tomas de Berlanga is usually credited with the discovery of the islands when he accidently stumbled upon them while sailing from panama to peru. In 1570 a mapmaker named Abraham Ortelius mapped the The Galapagos Islands and called them ‘Las Isolas de Galapagos’ which means islands of the tortoises.(The Islands Of Evolution) The Galapagos Island were formed as a result of volcanic activity.The galapagos stationary hotspot formed a chain of volcanoes which then created the island. They are 1...

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...because i was not aware of the fascinating details. In my opinion i like the movie a lot and found it to be very fascinating. My favorite part was about how the world renowned Charles Darwin pieced together his famous theory of evolution on these islands. I found the movie to be very enjoyable and didn 't dislike anything.

In Conclusion, The Galapagos islands are to great importance to the world and everyone because it offers so much biological diversity. This result in many studies can be carried out and so much can be learned. WIth the only threat in its presence is humans themselves and we can easily preserve these animals with minor and simple changes.The Galapagos Island are a dream and haven to tourist and researchers everywhere it should be kept this way and preserved for many new generation of humans to experience and new generations of wildlife to flourish.

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