Gains and Losses of Modernity Essay

Gains and Losses of Modernity Essay

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Weighing the gains and losses of modernity proves to be a debate where no wrong or right answer can be intimated. Numerous aspects of the ancient ideal have weeded themselves into the modern era, especially when individuals question political participation or lack thereof. The modern perspective however, has developed into a more efficient way of promoting democracy and commerce. Our mock debate proved to highlight the complexities in identifying which ideal works best, however the moderns appeared to hold the superior argument. The superiority of the Modern’s position rest upon the notion that widespread political participation is not necessary, elected officials in government proves more efficient, and a new avenue of political and social independence.
The supporters of modernity quickly pointed out the superfluous action of widespread political participation during the debate. One of the main arguments from the ancients centered on the idea that all sound participate in their government in order to identify them as involved citizens. The moderns pointed out the inefficiency of having every citizen in a democracy participate directly in politics, leaving other avenues for ambitions overlooked. In the modern perspective, those who decide to participate do so because they have some interest in the proceedings of political decisions. Conversely, in the ancient ideal, citizens participated to remain included in the polity for fear of being excluded from not actively participating. The superiority of the modern ideal becomes apparent in this aspect because those who choose not to participate are not automatically excluded from modernized polity. Furthermore, the chaotic process that would ensue from a direct democracy becomes elimin...

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... own interest versus the interest as a whole will lead to the natural creation of the societies we live in today. It would be futile to deny someone their right to pursue wealth once it becomes the desire of the whole to do the same. These ideas eventually lead to natural competition that fuel global economies.
The superiority of the modern’s defense displays the advantages for moving toward a modern society. Making a polity or democracy efficient as possible requires eliminating policies that strive to make it an institution that depends on the good will of the people. In this sense the gains of modernity effectively outweigh the losses through the establishment of innovated representation and allowing individuals to pursue their own interest. Ultimately, one must chose rather glory and greatness can move a polity through the contours of a changing civic ideal.

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