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Gaining a Better Understanding of Religion
Say a student is given an extract on a world religion that only includes information on divinity, a few doctrines, and rituals of that tradition, but they wanted to have a better understanding of that particular religions tradition, beliefs, and gods, however had no other information or resources. What would they do? For starters the student could look into a few categories such as myth, gods, ritual, and that religions systems of purity. This would help to inform the student of religious studies, about tradition and more.
The first category being myth. This is the symbolic story about the origins of the world, destiny of humans, rituals and morality. Basically it provides the models and symbols on how things should be. It is the language of religious tradition that has different meanings as well as both positive and negative uses. The meanings differ in the way that some construct myth to “mean a fanciful tale as supposed to true, discursive language, “Where “others took myth as the word that conveys original, primal state of things, as opposed to merely superficial, human words” (Paden 70). These different meanings are what give the positive and negative connotations to the word myth. While one is scientific and seen as the pre-logic stage of human cognitive abilities, the other is seen as more positive and corresponds to the actual function of mythic language. Essentially, myth provides structure on how things were at one point, and how things are now. It is paradigmatic, authoritative and applicable. It is not something that exists on its own but along with other things. Things that contain a definitive voice that name the ultimate powers that help create, maintain and re-create one...

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.... If its followers are afraid of what could happen they won’t do it. Another way is purification. This is performed by the religion to get rid of the impurities. Its behavior that is being enforced after the impurity has already happened, usually something that counteracts the impurity. This can be things such as punishment, banishment, shunning, exorcism, Imprisonment, forgiveness, and human suffering. The last way being transcending with the purity opposition, rejects the distinction of pure and impure by looking at a higher perspective. They
In conclusion, Myth, Ritual, Gods, and Systems of purity are all great categories to look into when it comes to finding a better understanding of tradition. They go hand in hand with each other to provide the best possible answer on world religion, even though the religion that’s studied determines exactly what they believe.

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