Future Trends in Game Based Learning Essay

Future Trends in Game Based Learning Essay

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1 Future trends
Using technology can change the way teachers teach. Some teachers use technology in 'teacher-centered' ways. On the other hand, some teachers use technology to support more student-centered approaches to instruction, so that students can conduct their own scientific inquiries and engage in collaborative activities while the teacher assumes the role of facilitator or coach.
In the past, game-based learning environments were prohibitively expensive for most organizations. Traditional game- and simulation-based learning applications have typically entailed mainframes, special interface equipment, and a years-long design, development and implementation process. Only a few sectors—most notably, aviation and the military—were able to justify the cost, because the quality of training was a life-or-death issue. More recently, health care organizations and medical schools have begun to rely on games and simulations, and practice on these tools is now encouraged or even required. For example, the FDA now requires virtual reality training for placement of some stents, and many medical schools have established centers dedicated to simulation training.

Today, game-based learning is accessible in many different industries, for four reasons:

• The success of game- and simulation-based learning in the aviation, military and healthcare industries provides a powerful proof-of-concept, and an endorsement of learning effectiveness.
• Advances in raw processing power with an attendant decrease in cost have brought game-based learning within reach.
• The development of stable, flexible game engines and toolkits are driving down the cost of development and reducing the need for 100% custom, from-scratch application developmen...

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...04; Chen & Magoulas, 2005). In summary, adaptation is the ability to modify lessons using different parameters and a set of predefined rules, in order to try to cater to the needs of all kind of learners and thus maximize the effectiveness of the learning experience.

An increasing amount of scientific publications indicates a wide research interest in exploring how mobile games can be designed and used to support a wide range of intellectual activities. Researchers and educators are looking at how to incorporate some of this new literacy into education (Rogers & Price, 2006). Promising results have been reported, although the majority of them are more driven by technology and have not always incorporated the actual learners or teachers into the design process. There are some exceptions, and in this section we will present a brief overview of some of these games.

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