Future Project Analysis: Factors and Risks Essay

Future Project Analysis: Factors and Risks Essay

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1. “What do you consider is the best delivery model for this project? Please explain you answer with reference to the nature of the project, the risk, and the division of responsibility.”
PROJECT: The construction of a chocolate manufacturing factory and shop in Onehunga, Auckland.
The best delivery model for this project is Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). In this method of project delivery, the construction manager (CM) bears the whole responsibility of completing the project with the scheduled time and budget. The CM gives a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) after reviewing the works of the contracts. If the cost of construction overshoots the GMP, it will be bore by the CM. Once the GMP is fixed, it allows the CM to invite proposal from subcontractors. Hence, it allows an owner to enjoy both budgetary certainty and the benefit of any cost savings. The design team is selected separately and they directly report to the owner.

I consider this model best suited for this project because of the various advantages it offers over the nature of the project. They are listed below.

 The owner can select the contractor (Construction Manager) at his own discretion based on qualification, experience and keeping in mind the quality needed. In this case, the owner could prefer a CM who has more experience in similar kind of projects.
 Allows better planning as the Construction Manager assists the owner during the design phase in budget and planning.
 Better, safe and efficient design as the design consultant team is selected separately. It also provides more ability to handle changes in design and scope.
 Good coordination will exist between the owner, designer and CM throughout this project which will al...

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