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In Today’s world, the composition and how work is done has massively changed and is still continuing to change. Work is now more complex, more team base, depends greatly on technological and social skills and lastly more mobile and does not depend on geography. Companies are also opting for ways to help their employees perform their duties effectively so that huge profits are realized in the long term .The changes in the workplaces include Reduction in the structure of the hierarchy ,breakdown in the organization boundaries , improved and better management tactics and perspectives and lastly better workplace condition and health to the employees. (Frank Ackerman, Neva R. Goodwin, Laurie Dougherty, Kevin Gallagher, 2001)
With the rise of mobile working whereby companies employ from different regions without necessarily having employees enclosed in one building, they end up employing more skilled and qualified workers regardless of their location. This has been made possible by companies embracing virtual meetings and video conferencing where managers and employees meet online to discuss their issues and agendas (McLennan, 2008)
Innovation and change is becoming part of each and everyone’s lives. Technology has greatly impacted on our lives from the way we communicate, think, use media and even from the way we work. Our language is also changing in the Global business market as new products are invented and the existing ones are improved. Technology is also used in almost all companies to meet a certain objective or to perform a certain task. Technology has also totally changed the way individuals work in that it reduces the possibilities of errors made by human caused by fatigue or maybe even stress. With techn...

... middle of paper ... skills set will become of no importance in the upcoming future. To change this perception by employees, employers need to provide continuous and ongoing training to their employees so that they are up to date. (Jordi Gual i Sole,Joan E. Ricart i Costa, 2001)
Employees also need to be provided with more benefits and compensation. Employees who are regularly compensated and given work benefit are normally active and motivated .The benefit may include offering retirement benefits to employees, giving them sick days leaves and vacation times just to mention a few.
In conclusion, our workplaces have tremendously changed and will continue to do so with individuals transforming from being unskilled laborers to becoming more inventive and entrepreneual minded. With the new challenging roles and ways of doing work unemployment rates in some countries might also increase.

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