The Future Of The Time Capsule Essay

The Future Of The Time Capsule Essay

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“The future depends on what we do in the present.”- Mahatma Gandhi I will be telling what my items are in the capsule and why did I choose these items to be placed in the capsule. I will also be telling the future how the past was and how we took part in our daily lives. In this paper I will discuss what items are going into the time capsule, what I want the future generations to know about the past, and why I put the items I put in the capsule and what they mean to me.
First, what items will I put in the time capsule. Firstly, I would put in a photo of my dog. For Example, the future will be able to see how my American Miniature Eskimo was all white and fleecy and how petite she is in her size. Also they would be able to see how her fur flowed like shinny white clouds on a sunny day. Thus, the future would be able to know what real dogs looked like in the past and how there sizes differ on what type of animal you got. Secondly, I would put in my great grandmother rings that she gave to me before she passed away. For instance, the future would be able to see how the rings glisten in the light and how they portray a very special diamond. Therefore, the future would be able to see what the rings look like in the past and how most of the rings are real. Thirdly, I would put in a copy of my signature in the time capsule. For instance, the future would be able to see how during the past we would sign important documents or even sign for a package. The future will also be able to see how people wrote in cursive or how some people would combine cursive and printed writing together when they signed their name. Therefore, the future would be able to see that we did not use technology for everything and how we were able to buy the things w...

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...hat in the past we work hard on or dream and goals, and never did we have our dreams and goals handed to us by who we know or what we look like. In conclusion, the photo of my dog, the rings, and my signature are what best represent my personality and my loving heart.
To conclude, in this paper I talked about what three items I will put in the time capsule, what I want the future generations to know, and how these items best represent me best. My first topic I talked about what I wanted to put in the time capsule and why I wanted those items in there. My second topic I talked about what I wanted the future generation to know about the past and look upon our great history, my third topic I talked about why the items I put in my time capsule are important to me and how they best represent me the most. “I never think of the future, it comes soon enough- Albert Einstein

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