The Future of The Printed Book Essay

The Future of The Printed Book Essay

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Although many believe the future of printed media is an almost endangered species, there seems to be plenty of evidence to re-assure us that this statement is, well endangered itself. Roland, a major printing press company has announced there recent figures for press sales for the year ending 2010, which is almost concrete evidence that today’s printing presses are not going any were soon. With major corporations such as Sony, Apple and Amazon all releasing their versions of popular readers, a new market of “readers”, will and has most definitely emerged. Although convenient many still believe that a gaping market still exists for reading fanatics, who prefer the tangible feel of a book compared to the cold feeling of a machine. It seems that huge amount of emphasis is still being placed on the importance of books and reading, however the birth of a new reading subculture, could it be possible that a great enough push is made where we will simple hear about past print mediums, and how will developing nations be able to cope with sudden advancement of such technologies. Many pro environmental activists believe that Ereaders are the sustainable book of the future, as paper manufactures are said to be some of the highest pollution emitters across a range of air, and water. But debate still rages about its carbon neutral status. Yet whilst moving through a constant technological age, will we find the moral courage to put an anchor in this speeding conveyer?

Technological advances rule today’s modern world, from iPods to smart phones millions of people around the world rely on technology to help them function in their daily lives. Accompanied with internet we quite literally ...

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...d the world continue to turn over vast amounts of income, and into day’s society’s weather reading is done electronically or traditionally we cannot doubt that new mediums and outlets will not continue to contribute to the growth and development of all that are involved in physical world. Although a convenience the 21st century will in my opinion will continue to function on a level where EBooks exist but where printing and printed media will rule.

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