Future of the Internet in Education Essay

Future of the Internet in Education Essay

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How often does one find himself checking the Internet for directions? How easy has the ability to find answers to questions become? How hard is the opportunity to check one’s Internet to pass up? Why has the Internet become an every day, every hour part of life? With the capabilities of the Internet and what one can spend his time doing on the Internet, the questions about the future of the Internet’s affects on its users continues to grow rapidly. The use of computer technology in the classroom is growing to be a major concern for parents and educators all over. How much time should children be allowed to browse on the Internet? Is the Internet affecting the children’s, the future of society, ability to focus? Should parents and educators trust the websites that students get their information from? Although the Internet has done an absolutely fabulous job at making what may have seemed impossible possible, with live video chatting, music streaming, and online books, the Internet is definitely responsible reading and intellectual engagement problems in students.
The Internet moves at very fast speeds and can access an enormous amount of information in less than a few seconds with a few typed letters and the click of a button. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask have mastered the ability to provide a person at search for just about any answer with what seems to look like an endless amount of links leading to what that individual could possibly be inquiring about. Then there are websites including GoogleMaps and Mapquest that help finding a destination and/or direction to such destination a “piece of cake”. Such websites are without a doubt handy in providing a driver with step by step directions to where he coul...

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