The Future Of The Carmelite Monks Of Wyoming And Their Monastery Essay

The Future Of The Carmelite Monks Of Wyoming And Their Monastery Essay

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This case discusses the future of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming and their monastery, the strategic approach they must take in regards to their coffee business, and the vision to purchase additional pieces of land. The study illustrates how and to what magnitude the Monks can rely on their coffee enterprise, Mystic Monk Coffee (MMC), to contribute as a financial resource towards the success of purchasing new land; an $8.9 million ranch in the Rockies. MMC must create improvements and efficiencies to enhance their overall performance levels. This ranch would allow Father Daniel Mary to establish a 500 acre monastery to accommodate a convent for Carmelite nuns, a Gothic church, a retreat center for lay visitors, 30 monks, and a hermitage. In order for this plan to be fully executed, it is imperative for Father Daniel Mary to maximize the opportunities and minimize the restraints, allowing the possibility to gross enough funds to achieve the monastery’s vision.
The monks within this monastery have created the MMC coffee brand in hopes to obtain the property through the revenue created by the business and any additional donations they may receive. Through the first year of this operation, they have earned $75,000 in revenue and also received a $250,000 donation, leaving them a substantial distance away from the purchase price. The current roaster produces 540 pounds per day but the monks hope to increase this through the purchase of a new roaster. This will have a production rate of 130 pounds per hour. Unfortunately, this will cost them $35,000, placing them further behind, but it is necessary if they wish to keep up with future demand. The majority of their sales have come through their website with minimal exposure els...

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...level of bargaining power, making it difficult to have all your needs met in the process. The costs associated with these negotiations can become significant and make possible deals not as profitable as simply keeping the business within their own location.
The greatest, most efficient option for MMC is to utilize is the second alternative; purchasing a new coffee roaster. The higher level of productivity allows them to meet all the demands they receive from their customers, increasing overall income. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of all three alternatives, this offers MMC the greatest opportunity to succeed in reaching their go and purchasing the ranch. The increase
in production also benefits the Monks by making their time of devotion not such a burden on the business. A new roaster allows them to make up for this lost time during the day.

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