The Future of Steroids in Sports Essay

The Future of Steroids in Sports Essay

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There are many controversies today on what should be allowed in sports. Many people have many different opinions about those controversies. The most important controversy would be whether or not steroids should be allowed in the sporting world. All sports have included tests that are mandatory for all players to participate in randomly whenever they are approached. The side effects of performance enhancing drugs are very serious and should never be ignored. As long as with the boost in performance that players experience when they use these medications also. The sport would never be the same and they would have to deal with a significant number of extra problems with the players and their health. Steroids make people perform way past human expectations, suffer from severe health problems that come from Side effects, and the sport will permanently be effected and therefore should not be allowed to be used.
As time passes and education and science continue to evolve and change this world into something that many people never thought would be possible, there are many positives but there are also a lot of negatives that resulted (Helmenstine). As science continually comes out with new kinds of medication and performance enhancing drugs the sports world has to continue to expand with them. Every year hundreds of more drugs become part of our society and as they continue to become available, sports continue to struggle with keeping up. When steroids first became known to the world they really weren’t anything to worry about because the science was not what it is today. As a result, the performance enhancing drugs then did not provide athletes with the amount of strength they provide them with now. Steroids have been proven to be the m...

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