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Some sports will remain unchanged and virtually untouched by technology, the American style football for example has proven over time it is very resistant technology.6 By the time 2020 arrives it is presumed that many sports will willingly allow technology to become an even greater part of their sport culture. Problem calls will become a thing of the past in those sports the sport of football will continue to have their human umpires running around attempting to keep up with all 22 players at one time.6 While these issues may continue in this sport not all sports will be so closed minded to the ideas of the technological and automation advances that will be occuring. In one-way or another every company and sport association will be a technologically advanced company by 2020.3

The sport industry will be very computer and smart app driven. Roy Jones, professor of sports technology at Loughborough University, stated that by 2020 "We could have scenarios in the future where no one goes to watch sport live, preferring instead to watch it on television."6 I believe this will be the case for many sporting event but none will be more affected by this phenomenon than the auto racing industry. I believe there will come a time when the Daytona 500 would be run without many live attendance or even live athletes for that matter. The technology is advancing which will make this a true possibility. The biggest issue actually preventing this from occurring is letting the cars communicate to one another to prevent collisions. When this can be accomplished there will be worldwide implications as to the uses for this technology.4This type wireless foundation and the ability for cars to speak globally speaking and link themselves to other cars on a...

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