Future Of Solar Energy Technologies Essay

Future Of Solar Energy Technologies Essay

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Future of Solar Energy
Solar energy technologies (SETs) supply energy with less environmental hazards than oil, natural gas or coal. SETs are often overlooked because of initial start-up costs and aesthetics. As technology progresses, the costs are projected to decrease, thus becoming more accessible for businesses and homeowners alike. Even in the states that are prone to prolonged overcast or cloudy weather, the use of solar energy is still viable because it will cut down on the need for pollution-excreting fossil fuel power plants. Industry and homeowners should utilize solar energy, particularly those who reside in states with climates conducive to generating solar energy via solar thermal or photovoltaic cells. Solar thermal power is generated by uniquely shaped mirrors that reflect heat and sunlight onto a singular point to heat water which converts into steam. The steam turns a turbine, thus generating electricity (Welle). Solar thermal power is mainly utilized on a large scale by state governments to supply power to cities and neighborhoods. Photovoltaic (PV) cells absorb photons from light and release electrons which can be used to form an electrical current (Welle). PV cells are often used for homes and small businesses.
Opponents to solar energy use the following arguments to defend their position. According to Gromicko, solar energy has a “lack of consistency and reliability” due to the fact that the system relies on constant absorption of sunlight (Gromicko). Many consumers are hesitant to purchase equipment for solar energy because of the large amount of capital involved in the initial purchase. Buyers may also be deterred by the cost of replacing a broken or malfunctioning piece of equipment. SETs are not com...

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... to place the solar panels to blend in well with the roof and minimize reflectivity (Tsoutsos, Frantzeskaki, and Gekas 292). Graff-Zivin et al. notes that solar energy installed in California homes increases property value. Their research reveals that homes with a sizable PV network sell with a larger price tag. “We estimate that each 1-kW increase in size equates to a $5,911 higher premium (p-value 0.000) and each year systems age equates to a $2,411 lower premium (p-value 0.087)” (Graff-Zivin, et al. iv).
Solar energy technology is an asset to our country. Homeowners and businesses alike should consider converting to solar energy. It has been shown to be reliable and cost effective over time. It is more safe and environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.
Denver, Colorado and the southwestern United States are ideal places for solar power to flourish

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