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The Future of Responsibility Essay

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Even as people in America incline themselves in adopting better living standards, health problems are increasing at an alarming rate. One of the most serious problems nowadays is obesity. To put it simply, obesity is a term used to describe the body weight of a person that is much greater than what is healthy. Unfortunately, the majority of those who are victimized by obesity are children. “Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Worldwide, approximately 22 million children under 5 years of age are overweight.” (854-855) says Pediatric Cardiologist and obesity expert Albert P. Rocchini, M.D, of the University of Pittsburg. This alarming fact proposes important questions to the parents of children. What have they done to the children of the future? Is it the deceptive marketing practices done by fast food companies or are we simply giving our children incorrect guidance? “Child obesity is a direct consequence of an improper dietary routine and exercise regimen. However, it can be reversed with enough determination and proper guidance” (854-855), Rocchini says. Parents need to put a red line when it comes to what they allow their children to eat. An essential part of raising a child should be incorporating the correct dietary regimen into a child’s life because parents should hold responsibility on the future of their child and not just blame the outside influences the world has come to offer.
Across the US there are a number of strategies being implemented in order to address childhood obesity. Some of these programs are taking a preventive approach by offering healthier food options in the school cafeteria while others take a more aggressive approach by giving the parents BMI (Body Mass Index) Report Cards when their ...

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