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The Future of Pharmacy Essay examples

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Pharmacy is not only the act of dispensing medication and council to the customer on use, as I have learned from my first definition. It is a spectrum of definitions comprised in a single field going from broad to specialized as a new genre of health services. Pharmacy is also the chemical preparation, the mixture, the the administrative management of the HMC, which coordinates the physicians, and patients. Finally, to that,in order for all of this to happen, it begins with the student who becomes the PharmD; the PharmD; who does a rotation; the PhD who goes into a speciality; the scientist who follows his heart into pharmaceutics and helps bring new compounds to clinical trial. Pharmacy is the collaboration of a multitude of professionals in and out of the field who all have one major goal, and that is the best interest of the patient. Whether it be the pharmacist behind the counter; the doctor who works with the PharmD to learn more about the patients history; the pharmacist who works on various projects in speciality areas to help determine the best combination for specific diseases; and the NP, nurses social workers who all work as a team with the pharmacist to provide the emotional, medical and therapeutic support needed for the patient to have medication monitored and management therapy as a part of every medication that comes across their medicine cabinets pharmacy is a multitude of actions and interactions.

Pharmacy: “bringing the right medication to the right person at the right time”, from fruition to bedside and if needed followed through again.

“From a store front where medicinal drugs were dispensed and sold, to pharmacia; to the art of practice and preparation and compounding; to branching ...

... middle of paper ... other health professionals. Someday it may be the pharmacist writing the prescription based on the teams analysis. Certified professionals will become mandated to better protect the public and assure that all those involved are currently knowledgeable.
According to OHIO UNIVERSITY, “the field of pharmacy will experience a demand for pharmacists not only in retail areas but in collaborative environments with hospitals, scientists, drug therapy,and management, pharmaceutical companies etc.”

Pharmacists now need to be PharmD licensed and in the future will need resizing so as to specialize in more diverse areas. Diseases are becoming more and more complicated and we need the experts to help find the answers. More importantly we need them to explain to us the patient, why we need to take medications, how many, for how long and to follow up with our care.

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