The Future Of Nuclear Technology And Nuclear Engineering Have Taken Leaps And Bounds From The Primitive Generation

The Future Of Nuclear Technology And Nuclear Engineering Have Taken Leaps And Bounds From The Primitive Generation

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The fields of nuclear technology and nuclear engineering have taken leaps and bounds from the primitive Generation I reactors in every aspect. The unique engineering that the LFTRs are based around is unprecedented compared to all of the other designs and nuclear plants that operate today. The molten salt design carries a plethora of structural benefits and security measures that go unmatched compared to all other reactor designs. It is this unique design that will prevent history from repeating itself and keep the future of nuclear energy disaster free. Unknown to some, all three major nuclear incidents share a critical point in that the nuclear reactors are all water-cooled reactors. The largest design hurdle of any reactor is how to efficiently cool the reactors to prevent meltdowns and keep the plants functioning. In the case of the past incidents, water was used to cool them, and it was the presence of immense pressure, along with other specific factors that would trigger an explosion in two of the plants that would ultimately cause such catastrophes to unfold. It is with the knowledge that is humanity possesses today that measures can be taken and plans can be built to prevent such events from happening, and having a water-free cooling system will abolish the roots of the current problems that persist in today’s reactors.
The design for the MSR uses no water as a cooling source, and because the systems for the MSR have pressures of less than five bar, standard atmospheric pressure being only one bar, there is no danger of pressure-related system failures like in Chernobyl. The fuel and salt solution the fuel is mixed into are also chemically inert, so they have no chance of causing explosions if they come into contact with...

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...untries (Cooper 6237). There is actually so much accessible Thorium in the United States that it would be able to run off its own Thorium reserves for centuries to come (Schaffer 4). In just the Lemhi Pass, an area on the Montana-Idaho border, there is estimated to be 1.8 million tons of high grade Thorium ore (Hargraves 312). The abundancy of Thorium is just one of the few benefits it possesses, as even its efficiency in producing electricity is superior to current methods. Advocates in the field of nuclear energy claim that a well-produced Thorium reactor would be able to efficiently create more energy than a next-generation coal-fired plant or a current-generation Uranium-fueled nuclear plant (Schaffer 4). Thanks to the abundance and efficiency in regards to energy production, Thorium is able to save governments and agencies capital at all stages of the operation.

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