The Future of Interactive Gaming Essay

The Future of Interactive Gaming Essay

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One of the new exiting up incoming trend, is the advancing in technology in video gaming consoles in three of the major companies, which include Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. All of these companies figure it out that in video games you do not need to sit in the couch and use a controller, it is ok to stand up and interact with the game. We are going to discuss how the client purchase the trend, how the client reacted to the technology advances and final but not least, how in the future it will evolve and may create another trends. But before we start to describe all of this, we first need to see how the trend started to rise among the consumers, and how it started.
This trend is becoming more and more famous but where did it really started? The company Nintendo were the first one that started this “get out of the couch and play” trend creating the console “Wii”. The game consisted in instead in having to use a regular controller, they changed so that you use it to interact with the game by putting sensors that when you move the controller to a different direction. Another feature was that when you point it at a sensor that you placed under or over the television, you could be able to move the cursor. The Wii was introduced the 19 of November, 2006. Competitors started to see that Nintendo had the right idea, since sales in the Wii increased, so the 10 of November, 2010, Microsoft released the Kinect, an attachment to your Xbox 360 that allowed you not only use your voice to different commands, but most importantly you were the controller. Instead of having as physical controller, the user was able to stand up and control an avatar or different object that you were able to move with your hand. Sonny was not behind this ...

... middle of paper ... m making this product as small as possible for home owners and also affordable for most of families. This will make the consumer to like the product even more. This new product will create a new trend in virtual reality, will change how you interact with games forever, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will have to step it up if they want to compete.
Trends come and go and if they endure they change for different type of trends. Just like every trend this one will change and I think is not as far from changing as you think. Moving in front of the television has become the new way of playing videogames, not everybody like it, but it surely increased their sales and in my opinion double the target market. Trends are everywhere, you might be following one and not even noticing it or maybe one will take you to another like the nutrition to the fitness to the games.

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