The Future of Healthcare-Advance, Challenges are Changing the Patient Experience

The Future of Healthcare-Advance, Challenges are Changing the Patient Experience

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In the article “The Future of Healthcare-Advance, Challenges are Changing the Patient Experience” HealthCare News writer, Joseph Bednar, is trying to emphasize that the Healthcare system is in need of some reform. He says that the Affordable Care Act is going to attempt to add millions of insured patients, but there is a continued shortage on physicians that has been trending for 8 years (1). Hospitals are being asked to provide better services for less money, and there is no way they can be efficient with the drop in profit (1)
Bednar says that healthcare faces many problems as it takes a look forward into this challenging new world. Teaching hospitals have taken measures to lure more people into primary care, such as pay and prestige, yet there are not enough positions for these new physicians to train in the workforce (2). There is also a very heavy burden of stress and burnout that go along with managing a practice. The healthcare system today is more complex than ever, and most physicians are overrun with acute and chronic stress. Bednar also says that current physicians are...

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