Essay on The Future Of Americas Youth

Essay on The Future Of Americas Youth

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We all have hopes, dreams, and futures to look forward for no matter if we end up with a great job as a CEO or unemployed we cannot escape the fact that we will have a future no matter how dull or to exciting are present is we cannot escape the inevitable but that doesn 't mean we cannot change the future for others that does not mean we cannot change the future of Americas youth. I have many visions for Americas youth but my main vision consists of fixing all of the errors that me myself and many others are being faced with such as: education system, self-esteem, and awareness. I believe we can make every child 's future seem brighter and obtainable.

We have all been exposed to the educational system in our lives if we have lived in the United States for some time. You may be exposed by going through it yourself if that means as a child or as an adult to move yourself up or you are trying to move up in your work place. When you have been exposed to the educational system here you can definitely see and feel the flaws that are within being exposed to it. I believed we can change all of these flaws so we are at are most effective with molding these young minds brains. One of the big issues is that you are expected to be perfect in everything you have done and have to be proud in everything you do. This gives most kids an unreachable expectation that they have to reach. That mindset that teachers have should slightly change because not everything you want them to do may be exciting for them or your students just have no more motivation for the same thing that they have been doing for several months.

Another major cause are educational system not working to its fullest potential is all the cuts and just how the government is using ...

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...ged in it the closer we get to no more violence the closer we get to no more living in fear that I may be killed because I am of a different racial group I am a different gender because I don’t like the opposite sex in a romantic way.
I know that if we get to make these changes for are youth it will make a huge impact on many people’s lives in a positive manner. I want to live in a world where no one is afraid to be who they are and we don’t have to wonder if are family or friends are going to be sent to jail because the government had to make so many cut to their education when they were growing up. I want to live in a country that values others as much as they do themselves and will have to doubt in their minds that they will help another country in need. This is what my vision for America’s youth and when that is fulfilled the whole world will gain from it also.

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