The Future Migration Of The Suburbs Essay

The Future Migration Of The Suburbs Essay

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Millennials Future Migration to the Suburbs
Have you ever thought about living in the suburbs? Many surveys that were given to Millennials in the last few years suggest that they are wanting to live in the suburbs. This includes those that are living in the cities and those that already live in the suburbs. Those in the city want more space, while those that live in the suburbs want to keep their way of life the way it is. This will change the way the country will function, so the United States can thrive. Kris Hudson, in the article “Many Millennials Yearn for Suburban Homes,” asked the question “Do Millennials want to remain urbanites or eventually relocate to the suburbs?” (A2). This is one of the biggest question asked among demographers and economist. At first, they were sure Millennials would want to live in the cities. In fact, they said that Millennials hated the suburbs, but the results of the surveys have changed their minds. In this paper, I will discuss this trend, why they want to live there, and how it is significant.
Per the article “Many Millennials Yearn for Suburban Homes,” written by Kris Hudson, several surveys have been conducted asking Millennials where they wanted to live. These surveys showed that most of them wanted to move or stay in the suburbs. 66% of them want to move to the suburbs, while the other 44% wants to live in rural areas or in cities (A2). The article “The Geography of Aging: Why Millennials are Heading to the Suburbs,” by Joel Kotkin, says that the media is suggesting that Millennials are moving to the cities. There are books that are telling readers that the younger generation doesn’t like the suburbs. The migration of Millennials to the suburbs is trying to be prevented through the med...

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...of years.
Millennials are getting to the age when they are going to buy a home and start a family. They want a quiet place, with lots of room. If they live in the cities, they will not get what they want. This means, in the next few years we will see a mass population of these Millennials moving to the suburbs. This is significant, because this will change the way the United States will work in the future. Businesses must expand closer to the suburbs to keep their business alive. There will be a greater expansion in the suburbs and more houses must be built to accommodate that change. This will be good news for those who build and sell houses in the suburbs, and bad news for those in the cities. Millennials will want to buy homes that give them space to start their family. It is important to prepare for this big change and realize that Millennials are our future.

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