The Future is Here: Genetic Enhancement Essay

The Future is Here: Genetic Enhancement Essay

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Throughout history, society has always placed value on being bigger, stronger, and faster by any means necessary to obtain these abilities. In order to obtain these abilities, society use genetic enhancements. A genetic enhancement is the use of genetic engineering to modify an individual’s biological traits; in addition, it is the alteration of genes in an individual’s body. Scientists are able to alter individual’s genotype with the purpose of choosing desired phenotype of a newborn. The process that scientist must go through to genetically alter a gene is provide the gene to be transferred, a host cell in which the gene is inserted, and a vector to bring about the transfer, in which the enhancement is made possible. Considering that enhancement is perceived as improving the image of individuals can be beneficial, in which influences society to turn to genetic enhancements because of the expectations that the world as a whole view enhancements. However, genetic enhancements can impede the natural cycle of life and with an excessive amount of humans; it can create a lack of natural resources to sustain human life. Therefore, society believes that enhancement carries a positive connation that perceives society to further pursue in such behaviors. On the contrary, in today’s science, the advanced technology of genetic enhancements allows the ability to manipulate a baby’s preset genes which can affect society’s threshold of the image of beauty and disrupt the biological gene pool creating a society that is based on superiority and a new defined definition of “beautiful”. Genetic enhancement can, in fact, have negative effects on the baby and future generations.
Furthermore, beauty is a sensitive topic; therefore, the ability to s...

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...attentive to attributes. Society perceives certain information from the particular article of clothing. Needless to say, society placing such value on improving oneself is often associated with superficial humans, in fact, with genetic enhancement being more accessible, our society will become an artificial world. The uprising of this particular behavior will change societies demographically by first the abuse of genetic enhancements and even further pursing in other extremities, such as creating a new world with the new creation of modified human species. Our society need to understand that improvements aren’t necessary beneficial, it can cause future problems in which society must undo. Our society cannot manipulate the process of nature; the life of nature is to be unchanged and if nature is to be changed then the undesirable consequences are near.

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