Essay on Future In Diplomacy

Essay on Future In Diplomacy

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My interest in conflict resolution was shaped by the circumstances of my birth. As the product of an American father and Israeli mother, I had the opportunity to experience life in two nations. Growing up in the United States, I had the privilege of being unfamiliar with the threat of war. I went through the day, like many young Americans, never worried about the future of the nation I call home. However, spending each summer with my Israeli family in Tel Aviv, I was introduced to a world of uncertainty. Although the majority of my time was spent at the beach, my carefree attitude would sporadically be interrupted with a feeling of unease. As a child, I could not grasp the situation. When the alarm would sound, I simply followed my relatives down to a room where we played board games and watched television. Gradually, I became aware that the true function of that room was not merely a place for amusement, but rather a bomb shelter. With maturity came my understanding of the grave conditions facing the state of Israel. The summer before heading to college, I witnessed each of my Israe...

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