Essay Future Human Evolution: The End of Diversity As We Know It?

Essay Future Human Evolution: The End of Diversity As We Know It?

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First, I would like to point out that English is not my native language. But I hope that I’m able to express myself clear enough for you to grasp the meaning.

My theory (or idea) is that right now, the human evolution is going in two separate directions:

Direction 1: Evolution in the Rich Parts of the World

In the rich parts of the world, humans have plenty of access to food, medical treatment, and education. And there is a lot of genetic exchange between populations that were isolated from each other in the past.
As Dr. Hawks points out in his lectures for this course (Hawks, 2014), evolution started to accelerate for about 15.000 years ago. This was mainly due to the development of agriculture (Wikipedia, 2014) and different kinds of societies, that enabled a growing number of sedentary humans to coexist. And that led to the spreading of new useful genetic traits very rapidly. But today, (in the rich parts of the world) with our advanced medical treatments and technology, we are about to significantly lower the evolutionary selection pressure in several key areas: The immune system, the need to have a healthy body with regards to diabetes and heart diseases and the ability to reproduce.

The Immune System

The absence of many pathogens in the modern world due to the clean environment we live in, gives the human immune system a challenge it has never encountered before (Umetsu, 2002). But because the diseases which is caused by our clean environment can be treated to a point where we can live with it, the selection pressure is very low. And that gives the specific genetic traits the chance to be inheritable. And asthma is just one example.

A Healthy Body

The increasing unhealthy nutrition habits in the Wester...

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