The Future for YWAM and India - The Need to Hear the Gospel Essay

The Future for YWAM and India - The Need to Hear the Gospel Essay

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Whether speaking of the world’s smallest country, Vatican city, or the world’s largest country, China, all areas of the world need to hear the gospel. The organization Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is being effective in doing so but many countries such as India have a varied amount of people groups yet to discover the gospel. Even if the need is for one-on-one teaching or for something as simple as donation, India has numerous unreached people groups that need to be reached in their own specific way. Through YWAM’s desire to make God’s name known, this organization can enlighten their workers about India’s fascinating culture and by adding more bases in northern India, they can reach the Abdul people through much needed charities and stories told in their language.
According to YWAM’s website, the idea of kids going out into the world to preach the gospel was first placed into the mind of a twenty-year-old student in the United States named Loren Cunningham. In 1956, Cunningham was approached by the Lord through a vision of the gospel being spread from continent to continent by people even younger than him. He portrays the vision as waves that spread over each continent and then receding; soon the waves in his vision turn into young people and he realized that they were spreading the gospel. Six years later, while on a mission trip in Hawaii, he caught more of a glimpse and passion for the vision for his organization. By the end of the year, an organization designed especially for the youth to share the gospel was established by Loren and his wife, Darlene, and called it “YWAM” (“History of YWAM”).
Although many people think YWAM is just for the youth, a variety of opportunities are open for people of all ages to get involved. Th...

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...f Muslims in India are living in poverty (Henderson 37). According to the Joshua Project website, the Abdul people literally survive on charity, which makes sense because they are a part of that seventy-percent.
When going to spread the gospel to people that are in need, it is highly important to help them in the areas they are struggling in. For instance, if a country is struggling with starvation then providing food and water for them would gain their trust and attention. Using a countries point of weakness to relate to certain Bible stories is also a great technique to use when witnessing. Once again, the country that is starving would gain a new hope if they heard the stories of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Since the Abdul people are struggling with poverty they would be reached best through charity and stories about Jesus providing to those who trust him.

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