The Fusion Of Technology And Biology Essay

The Fusion Of Technology And Biology Essay

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Abstract: Science continues to become more and more integrated in daily life. It’s rapid pace of advancement will cause people to ask how large a role technology should play in their life and consequently what it means to be human. This paper seeks to examines the influence that the transhumanistic fusion of technology and biology will have on human identity. I argue that the fusion of technology and biology should be pursued because it has always been a part of the human race and human identity actually gets strengthened when this happens. By looking at example of transhumanism today, the counterarguments to transhumanism, and the consequences of adopting transhumanism in works of fiction. I find that fusing biology and technology actually strengthens human identity rather than harming it. In addition, this fusion is found to be the next step in a process that is already occurring today.
Mankind has always strived to use technology as a means of fulfilling its needs and overcoming the natural limitations that constrict them. One only needs to look at the stark contrast between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries to see the massive impact technology can have on the human race in such a brief amount of time. Technology is only progressing further at an even more rapid pace and will continue to do so as time goes on, getting faster and faster as time goes on due to Moore’s Law which states that technology gets twice as fast every two years. With advances and innovations in areas such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, computer science, and robotics, science will become further ingrained in the daily lives of all humans. The rapid progression of technology has always brought up inquiries into the nature o...

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...d us to shelter. This instinct allowed us to develop science and reasoning, laying the groundwork for today’s wonders. The fundamental instincts of collaboration and problem solving are responsible for making us the dominant species on planet Earth.
From a biological perspective, a human is born when a human male sperm cell fertilizes a human female egg cell, thus conceiving a new human into the world. The genetic code that is in all humans is unique to the species Homo sapiens sapiens. All humans in the world were born due to the same fertilization and share the same genes that set them apart from all other organisms. It is important to keep this framework of what it means to be human when we bring up transhumanism. As long as the biological start of humans and their primal instincts of collaboration and problem solving remain intact, our identity will not change.

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