Essay on Funding of Political Parties in Estonia

Essay on Funding of Political Parties in Estonia

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Among many others, Estonia regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1992 and since then the new democratic order has been built up. Therefore, many systems, laws and regulations that constitute an important part of the democratic order have not yet received a consensus in society. One of the topics widely discussed is the funding of political parties.
A report made by an NGO finds that “there are many shortcomings in the enforcement of the financing legislation and campaign reporting” (Transparency International Estonia 8). This point of view is also supported by political scientists (Saarts) (Toots), Estonian Lawyers Association (January 2011), other political NGOs (NGO Free Patriotic Citizen) (Postimees) and many other institutions and individuals, sometimes the parliamentarians themselves. According to the definition of social problem proposed by Hilgartner and Bosk, “A putative condition or situation that is labeled a problem in the arenas of public discourse and action.” (55), The intransparent funding of political parties may be considered as a social problem.
Hilgartner and Bosk claim that social issues are in constant competition for slots of public attention. (55) Therefore, the factors that have contributed to the growth of this particular problem will be discussed more deeply. As transparent funding of political parties is one of the core elements of a democratic society, the particular models and different approaches have been under discussion since the beginning of state.
In terms of the last two fluctuations of public attention for the issue, new players, or arenas, have emerged from outside of the governmental sector. This is why I am going to take a closer look on them.
In order to understand why the no...

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