Essay on Funding, Lack Of Professional Respect, And Technology

Essay on Funding, Lack Of Professional Respect, And Technology

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I consider funding, lack of professional respect, and technology to be the major issues in public education today. The one I think is the most important is the lack of professional respect. We are all educated individuals working to educate and inspire young minds, but we are not seen that way. I have seen memes for years about how educations is more about baby sitting than inspiration. I hate this idea that I am a glorified baby sitter. I consider teaching to be the most valuable profession there is but society does not see it as such. Instead, every year, we hear complaints about teachers wanting pay raises and funding for education, but there is never enough money for that. This is future proof that we are not appreciated at the state level and maybe even the national level, yet we continue to enter classrooms and do our jobs where we encounter parents who do not understand our jobs. I understand wanting your child to go to a great school so their grade must be high, but isn’t the point of education the learning and not the letter grade? Parents and students know that if they comp...

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