Funding For the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Funding For the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

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The term terrorism has been difficult to define in the past couple of decades. The old definitions are no longer valid and new definitions are coined every day. Terrorism is the act of frightening or killing of people or destruction of any physical things to create a fearful or life-threatening environment. Terrorism is an organized crime. The general examples of terrorizing people are kidnapping, hijacking, bombing, murder, threatening and so on. They generally do these kinds of things to gain more power and they want to prove their superiority over another group of people. Today, terrorist groups are being established to gain political power and rule the country. For example, Taliban rebellion group has been fighting to gain its power in Afghanistan. There has been a long history of terrorism. There are different kinds of terrorism and terrorist groups formed in different part of the world. Some of them are religious terrorist; some of them are political terrorist. For example, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the Ku Klux Klan group who, threatened and killed the African Americans in the United States. It takes lives of many innocent people, hurts the economy of the country. War on terrorism is an ongoing global war. It will take away the life of innocent civilians not involved in the war.
United States was a victim of terrorism in September 11, 2001 when the hijacked plane was crashed deliberately in the twin tower and pentagon killing many innocent people. Terrorism has been the biggest threat for America in the 21st century. 9/11 was the most violent one. United States started it war against terror after the 9/11 attack. The campaign “war on terrorism” was launched against the Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organization with purpose of eliminating them. Some people have also named this war as world war III as many people have already lost their life. It is the campaign led by United States in support of United Kingdom, NATO member countries and few non-NATO nations. Obama has already promised to cut down the number of armies in Iraq but he has also vowed to add armies in Afghanistan. When fighting war on terrorism abroad, it costs U.S government a lot of money. U.S. government has been allocating billions and billions of dollars for the war. According to the New York Times reporter, “the house of representative agreed on Tuesday to provide $37 billion to continue financing America’s two wars []” (Bumiller and Hulse).

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Does U.S. government need to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? The funding of war on terror is not good.
Funding war is bringing many problems home. One of the most prominent results of war is death/tragedy. The army personnel who are to safeguard the country have the possibility dying before returning home and enjoying with his/her family in this beautiful country. The family of the soldiers fighting in battlefield has more tendencies to break early. The soldiers who return from the war and retire will not be able to deal with the public because of the long war environment. This is another problem that, we bring home. Many of the returning veterans have mental problems and it is hard for their family to deal with him/her. Kids will be missing their dad or mom and the parents are missing their son/daughter. If there is more funding for the war then there will be more soldiers deployed. As a result, there is more family separation. Family of the deployed soldiers will be in a stressful situation because they will be in dilemma what will happen next and whether their loved ones are coming back or not. It will emotionally affect the family of the army. According to Burgess, “the impact of war tends to speed up [fundamental transformation in family structure, function and relationship which has been in process for decades] rather than to reverse them or to introduce new trends.” (346). Due to this emotional effect, kid may not do well in their school. The bonding of a child with their parents is broken during the period of war. Children need more care from their parents and they always want to be with their parents. Not only the children of the soldiers, but also the children of the civilian are affected by the war. They will see the brutal war news in the television and may fear from it. Also in the actual battlefield, innocent people are being killed; children will be killed or disabled. These things will affect the children and family of both the places.

Funding war in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a wise way of spending money. Government has not been explaining the reason for funding such a big money in war. According to Human Events, “the Senate has failed to reach a consensus as to how it will handle the House measure largely because, the bill threatens to break the budget's spending caps” (4). Because of funding on wars, the economy of America has fallen down. Some experts have said that the economy went to recession because of these invasions and wars. According to Altman, “the last few months, experts have argued conversely that the war could actually increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks” rather than the economic growth. Further, these wars and invasions have reduced the budget that could be used to make the economy better. The United States went to fight Iraq to demolish WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that did not exist. They used their work force and capital for the missions, which did not even exist. They could have invested in the country for its economic development. The government should have increased the homeland security and should have invested for the growth of the economy rather investing in war that did not return any favor to America rather than making economic condition go down. As the war does not favor to any of the country, America has faced that situation now. The war has not only made the economic condition of Iraq and Afghanistan worst but it also has made the economic condition of America bad to worst. At first, they funded billions of dollars for the war that did not give positive result in favor of U.S. and now they have to build these countries, which will make the economic condition of America worst. The unemployment rate has gone up which is not a good signal for economic growth. There will be more production than demand. People will not be willing to buy consumer products and services. According to chemical marketing reporter, the agricultural unit recorded a $15 million operating loss for the fourth quarter, essentially the same as a year ago” (Monsanto). As America is funding solely on the war it has now has its debt increased to billions of dollars each year. The richest country has now gone in the big debt. America has been spending most of its income in wars with other countries. If they had invested those spending in increasing the homeland security and other sectors like health care, energy and environment, and education the economy of the United States would have in best stage. War will affect the economy of the country and reduce the living standard of people. To fund the war a country has to borrow money, which will put the country in debt. The money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan war is not use for the production and consumption, which ultimately reduces the economic growth.
Funding on war is not always bad for the country. According to Kiesbye, “There was a good reason for going to war in Afghanistan in the first place, because the attacks of September 11, 2001, originated there.” Funding for fighting war against terrorism is a way of securing the country. War will lead to peace as we have seen before in World War I and II. If fund is allocated for the war against terrorism, then there is need of more army for the mission, which helps to create many jobs and reduce unemployment. The war in Iraq is not only the war against terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, but also the war to free the Iraqi people from dictator ship. Eliminating dictatorship has brought lot of joy to the Iraqi people. Also in Afghanistan, the over throwing of the Taliban government who gave Al-Qaeda a training ground to plan attack towards America is a step towards safe and prosperous America as well as the world. This is the only thing that American gets more respect from rest of the world. The armies are fighting actively then, the terrorist will not get enough time and free space to do their necessary training. They will be busy defending themselves, which makes U.S. Safer. In addition, the availability of fund has made the birth of Department of homeland security, which has made the country safer by protecting the terrorist and suspected people from entering the country. When there is war, then the country that is under war has to do a lot of re-construction. During the period of reconstruction, U.S. goods and services are more widely used, which will boost the economic growth.
Every day we watch TV, read newspaper, or listen to the radio; there has been at least one or more news of war and terrorism. War will never keep a nation safer. The life of soldiers who are in the battlefield will be in danger. The terrorist will be able to identify the weakness of our army, which will give them more knowledge on how to tackle against the U.S. troop. They will try different king of things to keep the U.S. army busy on one part of the country and might be preparing to attack U.S troops by staying in different places. The reputation of the nation has already gone down. The loss of Vietnam War, and now the loss in Iraq have made U.S. more shameful in the eyes of other nations. We are in a big debt because of the war. In addition, our economic growth is not good. War is not the right way to fight terrorism so, the funding of war is not a wise way to spend money. The money used in war should be used to provide education to the lower income family. U.S. government can pay unemployment benefits to the unemployed people and fund the money in creating jobs. U.S has always tried to be an aggressor nation and want to win every kind of battle. Instead of going into the war, U.S. can call for a dialogue. U.S. has not been respecting the values, norms and culture of the country. Regardless of any condition, the first step U.S. needs to call for a dialogue. Only the last step is to go for war. Instead of spending just a few thousand dollars, U.S. has spent billions of dollars putting nation in debt. On the other hand, the tax rates are skyrocketing which is harming the standard of life of an average American. It is the complete misuse of taxpayers’ money. Despite the opposition of citizens, U.S. government is funding for the war. The people in higher level generally start these wars. For example, George W. Bush started the war in Iraq. Instead of fighting the war themselves, they sent others to fight the war and talk staying far from the battlefield. The war has decreased the jobs, hence raising the unemployment and slowing the economy. America seems to carry their old political philosophy “manifest destiny” in twenty first century, which they should not do it. There is no evidence that Osama Bin Laden attacked the world trade center. Neither, the Taliban in Afghanistan were our enemy. However, we attacked the Taliban linking it to Osama Bin Laden and to nine eleven attack. We have violated the international laws. In addition, we have started the war without negotiating to anybody. So now, it is time to bring the troops back home without negotiating to anybody and returning the government of both the countries in the hands of the citizens of those countries. They will decide their how they will govern their country. We also need to pay compensation for the damages that we have created during this long period of war.
Summing up, United States should not fund for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Considering the loss of life of innocent people, fact that the country is in big debt and harming the economic growth of the country, U.S. should not spend the big budget for war. It can be used for the economic growth, healthcare, education, job creation and so on. Less spending and withdrawal of the troops would be able to make a safer America.

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