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Fundamentals of Management Essay

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Management Fundamentals
Essential concepts of management begin with the fundamentals. Fundamental management skills are executed on a daily basis with a significant impact to an organization. Because the greatest asset that an organization has is its personnel, management’s role in guiding, organizing, and monitoring could not be over emphasized. Management fundamentals have a resounding effect on style, motivation, decision making, planning, and communication, while also influencing structure, innovation, globalization, external expectations, behaviors, and performance.
Management Foundations and Style
Managers, by definition, are those that plan, organize, lead, and control. This is accomplished in a multitude of different ways with varying levels of emphasis. (Robbins, Decenzo & Coulter, 2013) Because we all become engaged with managers throughout our business and personal lives, the study of management serves to better understand behaviors of peers ranging from associates to proprietors and the roles of each within their respective organizations. When Jim Kimber, a member of the executive team from Glatfelter, was asked to describe his management style, he quickly responded with an understanding of the need for fluidity and the importance of a broad understanding.
My leadership style is people centered. As a result, my management style tends to flex between participative for less capable employees to delegative for more proven ones. It is necessary to be skilled in and comfortable with all styles, including the autocratic end of the management spectrum… (Kimber, 2013).
Managers also set the tone, or organizational culture, for the values and traditions that are used as a basis for behaviors of employees. (Robbins, ...

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...agement system which describes the expectations and standards with which to compare employee outcomes.
Managing people is not easy. It could not be more important to fully understand the gravity of the situations that leaders at all levels are managing through. With study and practice, successful leading is one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. Parents who guide their children though life, coaches who help their athletes achieve their goals, and managers who help their employees excel and their businesses flourish experience this satisfying and worthwhile adventure. Continual improvement does not just apply to the actions that take place each day. Effective leaders strive to continually improve themselves from within and hone their fundamental management skills to provide their followers with perpetual advancement.

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