The Fundamentals Of Major Depressive Disorder Essay example

The Fundamentals Of Major Depressive Disorder Essay example

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The Fundamentals of Major Depressive Disorder and its Recent Correlation to Facebook Usage There are numerous types of mood disorders. Of the various mood disorders the DSM-V recognizes are depressive mood disorders. According to Halgin and Whiteborune, depressive mood disorders are disorders in which individuals experience symptoms of intense sad mood or dysphoria (163). Dysphoria differs from the normal highs and lows of life; it is often unmotivated with a longer duration (Halgin and Whitbourne 163). Embedded in most mood disorders, dysphoria causes considerable dysfunction in one’s life.
One of the oldest and well-recognized mood disorders is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). MDD specifically, is composed of acute and time-limited major depressive episodes (MDEs) (Halgin and Whitbourne 164). During these episodes, individuals experience intense physiological and physical symptoms as well as dysphoria. Some of the symptoms an individual may experience during these episodes are abnormalities in neurovegetative functions (appetite and sleep changes), cognition (feelings of guilt or worthlessness), and psychomotor activity (agitation or retardation) (Fava and Kendler 335).
In order for MDD to be diagnosed, an individual must present at least five of the nine symptoms specified in the DSM-V. Additionally, these symptoms must be experienced for two consecutive weeks (Fava and Kendler 335.) When diagnosing MDD it is important for clinicians to be aware of other mental disorders that can mimic MDD, such as schizophrenia, however, it is not unusual for MDD to present in individuals with other mental disorders. In fact, it is often common for those who are diagnosed with MDD, to suffer from other disorders such as personality disorders, ...

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...their own social media use and others’ (O’Keeffe, Schurgin, and Clarke-Pearson 800). According to Blease, users with a surplus of “friends”, users that spend a large quantity of time simply reading status updates, and users who friend users who mostly post updates in a “bragging manner” are at the highest risk to develop Facebook Depression (9).
Evidently, the world of social media is not always harmful. Many users utilize Facebook in small durations and continue using the site with no depressive symptoms. However, when Facebook users spend unhealthy amounts of time and engage in unhealthy social activity on the site, it could very easily transform into a depressive mood disorder. With the world of social media and the internet increasing, it is important for users to step back and understand the reality behind social media and its potential risks to mental health.

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