The Fundamental Structure Of An Integrative Negotiation Situation Essay

The Fundamental Structure Of An Integrative Negotiation Situation Essay

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As a manager, it is our job to oversee and manage people. The company has been undergoing a few budget cuts in which we are currently under staff. We have just brought on board a great intern that has been performing outstandingly. This particular intern reports to Ben who is heading the ancillary program. Jocelyn who is heading a different program has taken Ben’s intern and is funneling task for the intern to complete. Ben is not happy about the overall situation. “The fundamental structure of an integrative negotiation situation is such that it allows both sides to achieve their objectives.” (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2011) To defuse the situation, I would call them both into my office to discuss the overall conflict. After both parties have stated their case, I would then explain to both parties that we are under staff and the importance of working as a team. However the intern is however heading Ben’s project, therefore Ben has priority over the intern. I would have Ben to map out his plans and a timeline for the intern. On the days Ben is not using the intern, Jocelyn can us him. I would also appoint another intern to assist Jocelyn with her project during the times that Ben’s intern in unavailable. The advantage of this plan would be that everyone comes out happen and their tasks gets accomplished and the disadvantage would be that Jocelyn had to remap her plans due to giving up the intern.
Identifying both parties interest in a negotiation could often time is simple. In this negotiation, Ben interest is to incur his intern back so that his program could run smoothly. Jocelyn interest is to incur the intern so that she could reduce her work load. To ensure that the parties interest are align with the interest I have iden...

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...sometime it is difficult to hard to get the requested days off. Last week I requested the weekend before Halloween off. I was planning to go home for the weekend for my college homecoming. However, the other assistant store manager did not have a weekend off, so he requested the weekend I was requesting to take off. My boss then looked over the schedule and saw that we did not have enough coverage for Sunday. We needed to have at least 3 managers on that day. The manager decides to give the other assistant manager Friday and Saturday off and gave me Sunday and Monday. This would be considered and interest substitution because I did not get the entire weekend off but however I did get at least one of the days off. The concepts I learned from this week was that situations work out best when the outcome is a win-win. Everyone is happen and get one gets what they want.

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