Essay on The Fundamental Patterns Of Knowing

Essay on The Fundamental Patterns Of Knowing

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A Review of the Fundamental Patterns of Knowing in Nursing
Nursing takes on a different form of learning that reflects several different aspects and abilities that encompass a wide range of skills and forms the ways of knowing in nursing. The article, “The Fundamental Patterns of Knowing in Nursing,” incorporates multiple theories associated with the learning patterns in nursing. It is a review of literature that helps identify and understand the knowledge practiced by nurses and to better understand the nursing profession. The purpose of the paper was to evaluate the expectations of learning within the nursing realm based on the four areas of nursing that include, empirics, esthetics, personal knowledge and ethics.
The first step in learning is to understand the objective data. The empirics of nursing lay down the concrete knowledge that serves as a basis of nursing, this is also known as the science of nursing (Barbara A. Carper, 1978). Nursing is a science. It requires evidence based practice that has been theorized and researched to provide accurate care and knowledge to better serve a patient. According to Carper (1978), “The first fundamental pattern of knowing in nursing is empirical, factual, descriptive and ultimately aimed at developing abstract and theoretical explanations” (p.15). The science behind nursing should be learned first to better understand what is going on with a patient. Concrete knowledge serves as the base of knowing in nursing. Having the education of factual and evidence based practice allows the nurse to grow and learn the other areas knowing.
Esthetics is also known as the art of nursing and is almost overlooked as a fundamental pattern of knowing (Barbara A. Carper, 1978). Nur...

... middle of paper ...

...t helps change the process of learning and create new patterns.
The process of knowing in nursing is a complex process that involves four major components; empirics, esthetics, personal knowing, and ethics. Carper’s compilation of different theorist’s ideas on the fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing reviews what a nurse needs to know to provide the best care possible. It helps address patterns of knowing that can and cannot be taught to a nursing student. The article was complicated but it helped addressed the learning patterns and what a nurse needs to know in their practice to better themselves and provide the best care for a patient. By acknowledging the patient as a person, applying science based practice, using artful skills, and ethically providing care to a patient, the nurse extends their patterns of knowing and forms their knowledge base.

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