The Fundamental Objective Of The Six Sigma Essay

The Fundamental Objective Of The Six Sigma Essay

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The fundamental objective of the Six Sigma methodology is the implementation of a measurement-based strategy that focuses on process improvement and variation reduction through the application of Six Sigma improvement projects. One of the ways that this is done through the DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) which is an improvement system for existing processes falling below specification and looking for improvement. Compared to the DMADV process (define, measure, analyze, design, verify), DMAIC uses the existing process as the baseline for a desired incremental improvement plan for the organization. Furthermore, to provide a better understanding of the Six Sigma DMAIC process, one must have a better understanding of each of the steps required to execute the plan and achieve the desired outcome for the organization (Fursule, Bansod, & Fursule. 2012).
First, when implementing Six Sigma DMAIC the individual or team must identify and define the problem or challenge faced by the organization to start to create a plan and ultimately a solution (Nave, March 2002). Once identified the scope of the project is constructed and without this step "darts are being shot in the dark" when seeking a solution to the identified problem. Resulting in time wasted and misused resources, which can result in costly mistakes and a never-ending unproductive cycle within the organization and its stakeholders. This phase of the plan will require the discovery of all constraints that affect the current process to begin to understand the problems faced by the organization and begin to explore solutions (Fursule, Bansod, & Fursule, 2012). The goal is to properly define the scope and performance standards for the problem or challenge...

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...tify possible new constraints to address and create a process improvement plan.
Concluding that throughout society, multiple frameworks for process improvement exist for implementing the Six Sigma DMAIC within a multicultural and multi-facet society of global organizations. Six Sigma Consultants all over the world have developed proprietary methodologies for implementing Six Sigma quality, based on the similar change management philosophies and applications of tools (Fursule, Bansod, & Fursule, 2012). If the organization is able to take their constraints and channels them into a positive outcome with goals set for better, all stakeholders benefit from the knowledge. While Six Sigma provides quantitatively measure and analysis process performance the goal is to impact and add to the body of knowledge while intriguing others to seek future improvement processes.

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