The Fundamental Existence Of Consciousness Essays

The Fundamental Existence Of Consciousness Essays

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It may sound silly and almost ignorant for one to ask if consciousness be active in our daily lives when it is the fundamental fact of human existence. But there are many reasons why most psychologists have avoided discussing consciousness both of which are of complex reasoning and of historical weight. In their research and clinical practice, psychologists have learned a great deal about various aspects of consciousness, such as perception, mental imagery, thinking, memory, and emotion. But when it begins to boil down to it consciousness is one of the most difficult of all scientific problems. First being the concept in and of itself- what do we even mean by consciousness, what is it that we are even trying to understand, and why should it be of any importance at all? The second difficulty with consciousness is the methodological problems are formidable; there is no right answer or perfect solution. That’s because we have yet to arrive at the perfect formula in which to objectively observe someone’s conscious experience. Another difficulty in studying consciousness is the fact that conscious experiences vary both within individuals as well as from one moment to another.
Psychologists may not agree on a specific definition of consciousness or of the psychology behind it, however there is to a large degree, a general understanding of the topics and problems that persist within the domain of the psychology of consciousness. Some of these problems question the concept of mind and consciousness, as well as the methods used for studying consciousness, what factors influence the stream of consciousness, or the relationship between conscious and non-conscious, and the processes associated with each. Other questions may include- what i...

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...our heads? Most can agree- that is in fact active, because it helps us decide what to do and when. I agree and too think there is a practical benefit. If the function of awareness is to model one’s own attentional focus and control one’s behavior, then in that same respect to be conscious is to help guide our behavior. It is a vital part of our executive control system. To attribute awareness to oneself is too, the first step towards attributing it to others. We all live in a world crowded with other minds, constantly thinking, feeling and choosing. By intuiting what might be going on inside those other minds, it allows us to work together giving our culture meaning, and making us successful as a species. By allowing this conscious awareness to change us, shape our behavior, and interconnect us we can look forward to an evolutionary transition in social intelligence.

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