The Fundamental And Extraordinary Efforts Of The Chicago Teacher Union Essay

The Fundamental And Extraordinary Efforts Of The Chicago Teacher Union Essay

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The fundamental and extraordinary efforts that all of the members of the Chicago Teacher Union, staff, family and friends have dedicated to their communities became an influential and inspiring breakthrough that was public across the country. This breakthrough will forever be utilized as a guideline for doing what is just in the educational community. The CTU has successfully voiced not only their concerns and their students concerns about being treated unfairly, but proved that as Union, it is necessary to stand up, unified and strong as a community to fight back against those things that are unjust. Educators, counselors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists rights to advocate for their students were stifled. The underlying truth for the lack of support since the beginning of this corrupt Union was that simply the motivation was lost. According to the interview of Jackson Potter, the conversation he had with Vice President of the CTU, Ted Dollas, during his vist at his school, confronted him with a heart-wrenching truth about the Union closing down his school, and that they couldn’t do much about it. Jackson then stated that “he realized at that moment that the union was not a fighting union. There was not a bone in its body where it was willing to put itself out there on behalf of its membership. This big public policy issue would effects lots of schools across the city” (Jackson). This shows that the “big people” with their back door meetings lived too comfortable in their own shoes, not truly getting on a personal level with their community. These are the type of people who are examples of corrupt, immoral leaders. Interestingly enough, this sort of issue has a lot to do with ethical relations and it is important to remi...

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...that are feeling empowered can also do what’s best for children.”
The members of CORE did exactly that. They had become more recognizable beyond themselves and continued to stay positive. They tested their limits of what a true and organized “hierarchy” should really look like. After one week’s strike, the students were able to go back to school and were given a sufficient amount of resources to them that should’ve been available to them in the first place. Without having a maintained, comfortable, learning environment, students were deprived of having a proper education. This strike is one of the many big steps that will lead to greater things for neighborhood schools. Chicago being one of the largest cities in the U.S is capable of standing up to a challenge that will indeed prove that if something is unethical, nothing can stand in the way of doing what is just.

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