Essay about The Functions Of The Mouth

Essay about The Functions Of The Mouth

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Mouth and Teeth
The functions of the mouth, with the help of the teeth, work together to digest food. Teeth mechanically breakup food, in order for enzymes and acids to work it’s way through it. The mouth hosts the mechanical breakdown of foods. The salivary glands in the mouth, release an enzyme, called Amylase, which is used to breakdown carbohydrates. The teeth are usually 32 small hard organs, which are designed with the hardest material in your body, enamel, that grind and cut food into small pieces for swallowing.

Salivary Glands
As you chew, the salivary glandes release a liquid called saliva. Saliva contains mucous which moistens the food and causes less friction when the bolus passes the esophagus and into the stomach and an enzyme, called Amylase, which is used to breakdown carbohydrates. The salivary glands contain the parotid glands that secrete bicarbonate that neutralizes bacterial acids and add moisture to dry food for the bolus to swallow.

The tongue, which is made of skeletal muscle enveloped in mucous membrane, is used to move the food around the different types of teeth for grinding and chewing up food. The tongue forms the masticated food into a ball-like shape called a bolus. The bolus is formed as the tongue moulds the food with the help of the skeletal muscles. The deglutition process happens when the tongue makes rhythmic motions, pushing the bolus to the posterior part of the mouth, for swallowing.

Esophagus, made from several ring-like structures of strong muscles, performs a milking and squeezing action. This wave-like contraction of the smooth muscles around the tube is called peristalsis, which is how most of the movement in your digestive system is accomplished. This action p...

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...enter the large intestine. The large intestine absorbs water, bile salts, vitamins and minerals, and re-absorb vitamin K through the lining of the large intestine. It helps move waste along GI tract. The large intestine produces vitamin K. Bacteria (good) break down the chyme and the product is vitamin K which we reabsorb by the large intestine and then enter the blood by active transport and water is absorbed by osmosis no villi is in large intestine. The large intestine also supports the growth of bacteria that add to the amount of feces; vitamin k is produced in the large intestine. Vitamin K is needed for normal blood clotting and production of some B-complex vitamins

The function of the rectum contains nerve receptors that send pressure and detects solid or gas

The function of the anus is to eliminate waste from body through the external opening.

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