The Functions Of The Lymphatic System Essay

The Functions Of The Lymphatic System Essay

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. The functions of the lymphatic system include lipid absorption which consist of lacteals in the small intestine absorbing dietary lipids. Fluid recovery is when blood capillaries are porous, meaning it has holes and plasma leaks out into the tissues. The lymph vessels absorb plasma proteins and fluid from tissues returning to the bloodstream. Immunity is ready to respond to any foreign cells during filtration of fluids. It’s important for homeostasis because if there is any interference with the lymphatic drainage it leads to severe edema. The lymph also needs to return the plasma and fluid back to the bloodstream, which is important to keep for blood in the body.
2. Lymphatic capillaries are closed at one end, have endothelial cells loosely overlapped, and allows bacteria and cells to enter to lymphatic capillary. In cardiovascular capillaries it contains tight junctions and the purpose is to exchange in the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs.
3. The skin has tough keratin which is a tough protein and a hard defense against pathogens to get passed into the skin. Pathogens are attractive to moist areas and the skin needs to be dry and nutrient-poor. A defense of neutrophils are proteins that attack microbes and the lactic acid from perspiration is an antimicrobial defense against pathogens. Mucous membranes help trap pathogens with the stickiness of the mucus, the lysozyme in tears and saliva help with the breakdown of specific bacteria. Stomach and vagina acidity both have low ph between two and four including the flushing in the urine, the acid provides a barrier against pathogens.
4. Innate immunity helps provide nonspecific immunity which means it fights a variety of pathogens and a natural killer. Neutrophils ...

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...In the end the helper T cells is activated to do cell to cell combat.
10. The process of the clonal selection is when only those B or T cells have been activated by antigen exposure are able to proliferate meaning to clone. After proliferation the clones differentiate and make a bunch of to fight the particular antigen. Once the body has been exposed to the virus the body is trying to find the few T cells and B cells that know how to deal with that certain virus and become activated by cloning instead of having two B and T cells it creates thousands to fight that certain pathogen. This is important to immunity because you want your body to fight this antigen with thousands of B and T cells instead of a few. It will not be able to fight the antigen well with few B and T cells, since the body has been exposed to it you want your body to fight it off and not get sick.

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