Functionalist Perspective On The Economy Of The United States Essay

Functionalist Perspective On The Economy Of The United States Essay

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In contrast, functionalist perspective generally looks at society in positive way, in terms of how it is maintained for its stability because it can recognize “dysfunction”. Social functionalists such as David Emile Durkheim emphasized on positive aspects of the higher education such as the learning of skills and attitudes that we apply late on in professional world. Durkheim believed that there is a collective conscience in society “mechanical solidarity.” He believed that everything was as beneficial what he called organic solidarity. Durkheim‘s point of view is that people are socialized for different roles; society is maintained when members of a society collaborated with one another. For example, on one hand a higher education helps maintain society by socializing people into values of achievement and equality of opportunity. Yet postsecondary education prepares people for particular occupations that we wish to have in the future: a higher education gives people to the most appropriate jobs for their talents, using examinations and qualifications. On the other hand, having skilled people in our society is important for the economy of the country. First it helps creates more jobs in society because of knowledge people learned from a higher education. Having educated people in our society doesn’t only benefits those workers, but also increases the employment rates and wage rates of everyone in the society. It’s through education that people in society learn norms, relating to Durkheim a higher education is the key to maintain society functionality, because it does not create social inequalities and other conflicts in society. Therefore, functionalists assume that in society people are socialized for different roles; so societ...

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...up, race, ethnicity or any other distinction between students. Think about the race issue that is going on today in American society. The brutalities of officer’s police are unjustifiable because people of color are killed, but the government fail to act in charging criminals just because of their race “white superior”. This in fact related to higher education because if the United States government can’t solve such race issue that is affected the entire society; it means that the government support discrimination in every aspect includes education. I strongly believe that French government has strong system in proving justice and equality in public institutions and in other facilities. Based on my knowledge the French system can’t tolerate such huge race issue in its society.
What do you think about discrimination in French and United States system of education?

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