The Functionalist Perspective On Children Essay

The Functionalist Perspective On Children Essay

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Everyone goes through stages of life and everyone goes through them differently, there are some people that will go through life and not have any problems. While there are some people who will go through life and then will get a disease that will slowly kill them. Does getting a disease in old age make it harder for a person to live the rest of their life out? The functionalist perspective would best explain the expected outcomes, because it tries to help out society and make sure there is some stability.
Women get diseases whether they like it or not and these diseases can be associated with some of the falls that these women have. Along with diseases that are associated with falls, the drugs that women take to care for their diseases are also associated with falls. “Use of hypnotics or anxiolytics and use of antidepressants were associated with an increased odds of falling, even with adjustment for chronic disease status” (Lawlor, Patel, & Ebrahim, 2003, p. 713). This seems a little weird as when someone takes medicine to help them, then they should not have to deal with anything that could harm them. Since there are side effects, however they have to deal with many things, the most harmful of the side effects being falling.
There are many diseases that are associated with making women more vulnerable to falling. “Circulatory disease, obstructive pulmonary disease, depression, and arthritis were each associated with a higher odds of falling, even with adjustment for drug use and other potential confounding factors” (Lawlor, Patel, & Ebrahim, 2003, p. 713). These diseases are associated with the higher odds of falling, because when someone gets these diseases, it messes them up on the inside and they cannot feel like they use...

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...even higher is something that most people would not even dare think about.
“Men of each race were much more likely than women to die of ischemic heart disease in midlife and earlier old age. The sex gap narrowed with age for each race, and at very old age the ratios of male to female mortality... approached unity” (Smith, 1997, p. 502). This is not shocking to say the least as most men will not want to go to the doctor if they have a little problem, so their underlying problem, the ischemic heart disease will kill them before they even try to get to the doctor. Men and women all have the same amounts of dying, whether someone would like to believe it or not. Men cannot live longer than women nor can women live longer than men. Everyone dies at some point in time and if an ischemic heart disease is the way that it is going to happen, well it is going to just happen.

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