Essay on Functionalism : The Problem Of Sexism And Gender Roles

Essay on Functionalism : The Problem Of Sexism And Gender Roles

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Functionalism: The Problem of Sexism and Gender Roles
Our society is faced with many social problems that have existed for ages. Sociology studies and investigates these issues and how they impact individuals within our society. Each of the three sociological theories has a different perspective on how the problem is viewed and dealt with. One of these pressing issues is sexism towards women and gender roles. Of the three sociological theories, functionalism has had a huge impact on gender studies.
Social Problem
In our society, gender roles are instigated at a very young age. Society develops a standard or a norm of what role a women or man should play (Griffiths et al., 2015). For example, young girls are taught to play with dolls and learn to be soft and nurturing. Boys are given cars and guns so that they grow up to fill their male role of dominance. There are many stereotypes of how men and women should be and act (Thio, 1994). For example, men are supposed to go-getters, strong and athletic, suppress their emotions, and independent. Women on the other hand, are supposed to shy, weak, emotional, and dependent on male protection. Research says that these stereotypes are not far off, even though many try to object from them.
Gender roles do not necessarily have to be a bad thing, but they invite the opportunity for sexism to occur. Some women would prefer to be barefoot and pregnant housewives that spend their days cooking and cleaning while their husband goes to work. However, other women embrace their right to pursue educational and occupational dreams. Unfortunately, because it has not been all that long ago that women were not considered to be qualified for a spot in most work places, they experience a lot of discriminati...

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... less respect in their position than a man would with the same credentials. The Washington Post printed an article in 2016 that stated female doctors make an average of 20,000 dollars less than male physicians. This is just one example of the wage gaps that exists between men and women in almost every profession. So although gender roles may have been appropriate at one time based on the fact that men were more capable to hunt and do the more physical labor than women were, we have progressed through the ages. A woman can do just about anything a man can – so why do they get paid less? So then why does society still see women as the kindergarten teacher and men as the professor? Men have always been dominate in these roles, but as our society evolves and develops women are standing up against sexism and gender roles to prove that they are just as capable as men are.

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