Functional Assessment : How The Family Interacts With One Another Essay

Functional Assessment : How The Family Interacts With One Another Essay

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Functional Assessment
The functional assessment is how the family interacts with one another. This part of the assessment is divided into two subcategories; instrumental and expressive functioning.
Instrumental Functioning
This function refers to how the family goes about their activities of daily living. The B family’s daily routine is often very chaotic. PB wakes up at 530 each morning and gets himself ready and out the door by 7. He spends his entire day at work. He often works late because he is his own boss, therefore he is not making money if he is not working. KB gets up early each morning, wakes all 3 children, prepares them breakfast and makes sure they each get to school on time. During the day KB takes PB to his preschool and his other activities he has each day. Because of scheduling of after school activities KB usually picks up MB from school and brings her to ballet or whatever she has each night. She also makes sure AB makes it to his sporting event on time every night. During the day, between activities KB keeps up with daily chores at home. She often cooks dinner for her children so that they can eat together as a family when PB arrives home. If PB is home before bed time he assists his wife in preparing each child for bed time. Both KB and PB enjoy reading to their children before bed each night.
The B family tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They often eat meals full in fruits and vegetables. KB often cooks meals for the family so that they can be healthier options than pre made processed foods. KB has been working hard on losing weight. She often goes to the gym or exercises with friends to keep her active. Since she is always on the go, it is often difficult for her to stay on track.
When PB has a day of...

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...together women. She is always dressed to impress, which shows that she cares about her appearance. PB is a very approachable man as well. He is very welcoming and outgoing.
When talking to their children both parents ask that the children stop what they are doing and that they look at who is speaking. By doing this they hope that the children listen to what is being said and it is used as a sign of respect.
Circular Communication. Circular communication refers to the reciprocal communication between people (Wright & Leahey, 2013, p.128). This communication method looks at how the family reacts to disagreements in a circular pattern. PB and KB have great communication between one another. Their style of communication would be expresses needs and in return gets support. This goes both ways from PB expressing his concerns and being supported by his wife and vice versa.

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