Functional Areas in a Business Organization Essays

Functional Areas in a Business Organization Essays

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Functional Areas in Business Organisation

In all industrial companies there are a number of key tasks or function that must be carried out regularly. Stock must be bought, the bills must be paid, the customers have to be served and the customer enquiries have to be dealt with. In a small organisation all the jobs may be done by one or two people occasionally, however in a large organisation people have to be specialised in many different individual tasks. A big company is usually easier to identify separate functional areas because employees work together in departments. Each individual department carries out tasks to relate to their particular area. The main purpose of functional areas is to ensure that all important business activities are completed. This is essential if the business is to achieve its aims and objectives.

Cadbury’s Functional Areas,

The Human Resources Function:
The HR function is responsible for recruiting new employees and ensuring that each vacancy is filled by the best person of the job. New employees usually attend an induction programme which tells them all about Cadbury and their jobs. The human resources function aims to ensure that the business retain good, experienced staff analysing their turnover figures to show the rate at which people leave the organisation. A lot of employees have basic expectation of their employers, they expect to be treated appropriately paid fairly, to have suitable working conditions, to have training opportunities and support if they are ill or have serious personal problems. Many companies have staff association, which monitor the views and conditions of staff and make these known. In other businesses trade unions may represent the workers, especially on pay and ...

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...d on delivery and refer any problems back to the supplier. The materials must be purchased at a competitive price. Today many production processes are automated. This means that machines or robots do all the routine or dangerous jobs. Operator’s check that the productions like is functioning correctly by checking consoles and computer screens.
The products function also includes all the following aspects of production:
1. Production Planning
2. Production Control
3. Machine Utilisation Control
4. Machine Utilisation Control
5. Staff Utilisation Control
6. Final Quality Checks
Production Function:
• Ordering stocks of raw materials
• Storing and checking the stokes of raw materials
• Planning production schedules
• Producing or assembling the finished products
• Checking the quality of the product
• Carrying out repairs to machinery and equipment.

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